Madonna's choreographer: I wish she'd ditch heels

Madonna's determination to dance in skyscraper heels is her choreographer's 'pet peeve'.

Dance expert Rich Talauega creates the international superstar's elaborate stage and promo routines with his brother Tone.

Rich says although Madonna is a great person to work with, her attire sometimes leaves much to be desired when picking up routines.

'She's a quick [leaner] ' and we choreograph for a woman that dances in heels! That's our pet peeve, but she makes that sh*t work and makes it sexy,' he told the UK edition of OK! magazine.

'She hates us sometimes and says, 'You know I'm in heels,' I'm like, 'I know baby,' and she goes, 'You should've been born a woman!''

Rich admits he and his brother sometimes clash with the star. He explained Madonna is very head-strong when it comes to her work ethic.

'Oh yeah, quite a few times,' he revealed when asked if they've disagreed before.

'Once I was under the weather and I was close to saying something to her that would've been very disrespectful. I was about to boil up. But later I realised she was doing nothing but pushing us.'



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