Rihanna copies Madonnas dance moves

SHE'S back at the top of the charts this week, so you'd think Rihanna would need no help when it comes to perfecting her art.

But it seems the grandma of pop Madonna has had an influence on the We Found Love star's plans to vamp up her appearances ahead of last night's X Factor gig and her Talk That Talk album promo.

RiRi, 23, visited Pineapple studios on Saturday to check her dancers were on a par with 53-year-old Madge's.

A source said: "Rihanna's dancers had found out all the details of Madonna's favourite dance moves and her dancers' routines at Pineapple from when they rehearsed there two months ago in an audition for Madonna's next live tour.

"Rihanna loves Madonna's shows and wants to emulate the old-school formula."

As long as this doesn't mean purple leotards and conical bras, then I'm all for it.

source: UK MIRROR

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