W.E. Movie Review

(Wallis & Edward )
The movie
Review by Jeannie Buxo
Special thanks to Christine, Jeremy, and Joey
Attended the NYC Advanced Screening (Survey) Thursday October 27th, 2011
Celebrity Sighting: Liz Rosenberg, Harvey Weinstein
The film W.E. begins in a flurry of shocking images, it sort of sets the
tone for a fast paced film. We see the beginning of Wallis Simpson's (played incredibly by Andrea Riseborough) early life with her first husband. We find out that she has had a very difficult time finding a man who would truly love her. You root for Wallis and are mesmerized by the acting , you really think that the story is unfolding between your eyes at one point. The story of Wally
however is not as strongly defined, we are meant to believe many things thats are not too convincing, (she was named after wallis (makes it abit confusing) she is obsessed with wallis, and is writing an article on wallis) but regardless of these minor flaws the film takes you on a grand journey and your are both swept up by the riches of the jewelry, the clothes and the storied romance between the future king of England, Edward, and his soon to be wife Wallis Simpson, or so it seems, because the English would have nothing of it. Back then, to marry a divorcee was frowned upon, let alone a woman that is still married to her second husband.
(Wallis finds new love, with  Oscar Isaac's character, Evgen)
The film is based on a true story and throughout the film, the
fictional character of Wally, played splendidly by Abbie Cornish,  spends her time trying to defend wallis (
they were not nazi sympathizers!) , It's as if Wally is really Madonna, that's how I saw it anyway.
There's a scene where Wally wants desperately to have a baby with her husband but he wants nothing of it, you could almost imagine, is this the story of Madonnas relationship with Guy? Oscar Isaac's character, Evgeni, is the most entertaining of all the cast.

 Madonna fans will see many instances of her, in the work. The styling in certain scenes
are a nod to different eras and images in madonnas own career, (oh
father, this used to be my playground) references to Madonnas passed transformations. During some press interviews, Madonna has admitted that there are many similarities between her and the leading ladies characters in the film.
Madonna is inspired by so much and she soaks it all in, and wants you,
the audience, to be just as captured and mesmerized by her vision. She
wants to share with you what her definition of love is (defining love vs. romance) and for a man
to give up his kingdom for a woman is something that she would and believes
all woman would like for themselves. It's a fairytale but for one
woman, it did ultimately come true, despite all odds.
And despite the reviews you've read, the film is definitely worth seeing.

The scenes with music are my favorite, the dance sequences are well
placed and there are some great bits of comedy placed at different
points to lighten the load. The styling, colors, are flawless.
Madonnas first big budget directing debut gets two enthusiastic thumbs
up, from me, for w.e.
I look forward to seeing what story madonna will tackle on in her next
film, it will surely be worth the wait.