Inside the W.E. Screening in NYC last night

Thanks to my friend carlos, who shared with Madonnasworld.com how it was like INSIDE the screening with Madonna and all of her other guests at her screening for W.E., at the MOMA in NYC.

Here it is:
So many celebrities were there and everyone got quiet and there was this excited energy for Madonna's entrance. She gave a brief speech on how excited she was to premiere it, how she can't edit it any further, and how she's upset she hasn't been offered champagne. Lol

She took a seat. The movie was brilliant. So beautiful and the story unfolded really well. People that gave it negative reviews are just hating. If you like time pieces, this was perfection. The acting was incredibly solid. The soundtrack worked perfectly well and the ending credits with Masterpeice was the best way to close such a beautiful story.
Im excited to go see it again on friday and again in February. I want to support it fully as it deserves success.

In the end everyone left the theatre, hung out in the halls and kept discussing how great it was further. while my friend went to the bathroom, I thought id lost my phone so I went back and found only Madonna & like 3 others talking so I told her I loved the film and congratulated her, she "thanks," smiled and hugged the rest of the people goodbye and left through her exit.