Madonna pops up in Batman comic book!

"Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!" has some guest-stars from the pop charts.


As Stephanie Brown, Batgirl herself, sets out on an undercover mission at all-girls spy school St. Hadrian's, her instructors bear striking resemblances to a trio of pop favorites: Katy Perry, Rihanna and a gun-toting Lady Gaga, who blasts a photo of Superman.


And the bespectacled headmistress? Looks like a certain Material Girl.


The one-shot issue, which wraps up writer Grant Morrison's "Batman Incorporated" storyline, is out now.


It isn't the first time one of pop's leading ladies has appeared in the funny pages: Gaga made an official appearance in the cartoon world in Bluewater Production's "Fame: Lady Gaga" comic book in 2010. With Perry's Hollywood career heating up and Rihanna set for a role in next year's "Battleship," perhaps a big-screen "Batman" cameo could be next. There's still time, Chris Nolan.


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