Madonna and Lola at Heathrow


On their way to the oscars
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Madonna "Hotter than Hell"

at vanity fair party


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OSCARS : Madonna Vamps it up at vanity fair party


Madonna and Lola at the after party

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VIDEO Charo:' Lady Gaga Is M With Diarrhea'

 - Ageless TV personality Charo is giving some pointed criticism of current pop star Lady Gaga.

Appearing on Friday's Good Day New York, the "Cuchi-Cuchi" actress, singer, and comedienne said, "I see Lady Gaga like Madonna with diarrhea."

"The voice is gifted because she is so powerful with the voice...but why does she have to remind people of Madonna? Why don't she go her own self? I never copy nobody," Charo said in her choppy English.

"I was me and I created something that was me. I can not feel comfortable being a copy of other people," She added.

Charo did say that Lady Gaga has a unique voice.

As the interview continued, Charo remained thinking about bathrooms, saying "I love American toilets." She says she was born in an abandoned castle that didn't have toilets. She also added, "In two or three years a computer will tell you what to do in the bathroom."

Charo was appearing to promote a new show she's working on called "Latino 101."

Charo has appeared in countless hit television shows, including more than 45 appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson; and eight appearances on The Love Boat.

Fox news

Madonnas Billionaire backer

Madonna leaving the press conference for &quot...

Madonna, director. Image via WikipediaIndian billionaireAnil Ambanidoesn't mess around when deciding where to invest his fortune in Hollywood. When the Mumbai-based mogul decided to get into the movie game, he went straight to the top, committing $825 million to fellow billionaire Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks production house in 2009. Now, his firm's movie arm Reliance Big Entertainment is betting on another high-profile director, of sorts: Madonna.

The Financial Times reports that IM Global, a Reliance-controlled film distributor, has the rights to the Material Girl's 'W.E', based on the scandalous relationship between England's King Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson. The FT quotes IM Global's CEO describing his firm's relationship with Ambani's Reliance, and it sounds like a pretty great deal for the agency:

"We've been acting as a conduit for Reliance , using its money and its balance sheet," says Stuart Ford, chief executive, a former entertainment lawyer who left London 12 years ago to work for Harvey Weinstein's Miramax.

This isn't Madonna's first directorial outing; she helmed a film called 'Filth and Wisdom' in 2008. It would be charitable to say it wasn't exactlymet with rave reviews. However, as the FT notes, the Edwardian era is all the rage right now: 'The King's Speech', the story of Edward VIII's brother George VI, is predicted to clean up in Sunday's Academy Awards.

Still, if Madonna's movie is more 'The Next Best Thing' than 'The King's Speech', Ambani won't lose much sleep: he's hedged his bets and secured development deals with more consistently bankable stars like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and George Clooney, according to the FT.

Madonna at recording studio

Last night in London , special thanks to Venny


OSCARS 2011: Madonna and James Franco vie for best after party | Mail Online


Material Girl Takes Over Mars Bar, Lit

Material Girl Takes Over Mars Bar, Lit
run by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. For the shoot, they revisited Madonna's old stomping ground of the East Village, and used some of its mainstay bars as a backdrop—namely Mars Bar and Lit. Of the former, Lourdes says, "there were people ...


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Kelly Osbourne to make appearance at the bay

Osbourne will make personal appearances on behalf of Material Girl.  The campaign follows the highly successful Material Girl launch campaign with actress and musician Taylor Momsen. To stay up to date with the latest news from Material Girl follow @MaterialGirlCol on Twitter and become a fan of Material Girl on Facebook at www.facebook.com/materialgirlcollection.

Material Girl is a fast-fashion junior collection featuring apparel, accessories and footwear designed in collaboration with Madonna and her daughter Lola, along with Iconix Brand Group's in-house fashion department.  

In related news, MG Icon recently announced the international expansion of the Material Girl brand with a launch this spring inCanada at The Bay. Material Girl collection will be exclusively available in Canada at The Bay and www.thebay.com.  Material Girl spokesperson, Kelly Osbourne will make a special appearance to celebrate the launch at The Bay later this spring


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Introducing Kelly Osbourne the new face of Material Girl

from material girl

Material Girl - Introducing Kelly Osbourne facebook twitter
Get the look! - Created by the original Material Girl, Madonna


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The Day Madonna Met Herb Ritts

Desperately Seeking Susan x390 (fair) | ADVOCATE.COM
Is he gay?" asked Madonna. "Gay men take good pictures of me."

When I worked at the PMK PR firm in 1980, every time we signed a new client, Michael Maslansky (the "M" in PMK) used to have them photographed by Herb Ritts. I'm sure this had more than a little to do with Herb being represented by Michael's wife Marysa, who had a photo agency called Visages, but the photos were always wonderful. I never met Herb until years later when I had my own company and was handling Paul Verhoeven's "The Fourth Man." For an Interview photo, Herb tiptoed me and the film's Dutch femme fatale, Renée Soutendijk, up to the roof above the dilapidated structure that sat on the site of what is now the Chelsea Piers. It was obvious that we were trespassing and that made it fun, but you couldn't help but wonder, "How much time had he spent prowling around all that broken glass and torn metal, before he found that perfect spot?"

"I have no idea if Herb Ritts is gay, Madonna," I said. "But I promise you will Herb Ritts and his  "True Blue" Album Coverlike his pictures." As usual, Madonna was busting my balls, but the important thing was that she and Rosanna Arquette were  willing to give up an entire Saturday off from shooting "Desperately Seeking Susan" for the special photography shoot. Ann Lander, the Orion exec in charge of photography had assigned Herb to create some portraits that I could circulate to magazines. If all went well, maybe there would be a poster in there too.

But what should the poster be? What would be a solitary image that would capture the story? If you haven't seen it, the  film is about this bored New Jersey housewife named Roberta (played by Arquette) who follows the personal ads, and is obsessed with a free-spirited type named Susan who uses the personals to keep in touch with her boyfriend. Roberta decides to follow Susan around and when Susan sells her jacket at a thrift store, Roberta buys it, setting in motion a mistaken identity plot. Through the jacket (and a case of amnesia), in a lot of ways Roberta gets to become Susan. The jacket is the engine that makes the whole plot go. So I knew I wanted to display the jacket in a significant way in the poster.

Madonna and Rosanna had totally different kinds of bodies, so Production/Costume Designer Santo Loquasto had made two jackets. But nobody was supposed to know that there was more than one—it would defeat the whole purpose. But something told me that having them both of them in the "Susan" outfits was the way to go. It didn't make literal sense, but I convinced myself it made metaphorical sense: Roberta and Susan were twins, two sides of the same coin, sisters. Both of them stepped into the other one's lives, and tried them on for size.

Nowadays photo shoots like these are a big deal, with limos for talent, and a gaggle of publicists and studio executives, but the only people from the movie were me and the wardrobe supervisor Melissa Stanton (who brought the jackets, costumes and accessories), Herb's crew, and Madonna and Rosanna, who cabbed over themselves. [Why am I so sure they didn't get cars? Because afterwards Madonna complained that she couldn't take the subway anymore. She had only recently reached the level of fame where people hassled her on the trains, and she was pissed off about this intrusion on her freedom.]

Upon my entry to the studio, I was greeted by the sight of Madonna whipping off her shirt to change into another outfit. Nothing modest about this girl. I thought to myself, "that's something very few people will ever see." Little did I know. Melissa was there with the costumes, but Herb didn't seem interested. All day long he put the two of them through pose after pose, none of which had nothing to do with the movie.

Rosanna and Madonna had a peculiar relationship. On one hand they were friends and even hung out together outside of work, but on another… Madonna had a way of sucking all the air out of the room. It's my understanding that the movie was greenlit because Rosanna, red-hot after "The Executioner's Song" and "Baby, It's You," had agreed to be in it. Rosanna was unquestionably the lead and worked practically every day, while Madonna's role was much smaller in terms of actual scenes. But there was no denying that Madonna was Madonna and she was "Susan," in a movie called "Desperately Seeking Susan." Once, when somebody on the street asked who was in the film, I heard Rosanna say, "Madonna."

The truth was, Madonna had the kind of brash confidence that could overwhelm a lot of people, and certainly a more sensitive type like Rosanna. This photo shoot was a perfect example.

Madonna PosterAt one point, Ritts was shooting some sultry glamour shots of Rosanna posing against a cloth backdrop, when Madonna came over. After gaping at Rosanna for a minute she said, "You look so good I'd like to fuck you myself." It was funny, but you could almost hear the air—sssssss!—slipping out of Rosanna's confidence, as her moment was stolen, and it became all about Madonna. And come on! This was Rosanna Arquette, after all—a true fantasy figure for a good portion of the men in America! Moments later, Madonna grabbed the backdrop, commandeered the same pose… and Herb shot an image that became a famous poster.

Eventually it was time for lunch so Melissa and I went out and got some sandwiches. That was catering. "Who wants the tuna?" Madonna played me a track, "Sidewalk Talk," for a compilation album "Jellybean Rocks the House," her boyfriend Jellybean Benitez was producing. She seemed pleased that I liked it, which made me feel good. She often made fun of me on the set, but the truth was I spent a lot of time with her alone, going over pictures in her trailer and in her loft (she lived a few blocks from me) and we got along very well. Her instincts for publicity were amazing even then and I have always considered her one of my mentors. (I've learned a thing or two from other publicists, but the best training comes from natural born salesmen like her.) My favorite story about her was about how she got her manager. She asked who handled Michael Jackson and when she found out it was Freddy DeMann, she called him. Who would have the chutzpah to do that? Freddy signed her.

Herb Ritts' photo of Madonna for Vanity FairLegendary style-setter Andre Leon Talley turned up unannounced and wanted Herb to shoot a photo of Madonna for Vanity Fair. Before I could say anything, Talley put a pair of multi-colored men's boxer shorts on top of Madonna's head and started twisting them around.

This put me in a tough spot because neither Freddy DeMann or Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg had approved this. Madonna said I should call Freddy at home and if he said it was okay, she'd do it. As bratty as she could be, in the important ways she was pretty easy to deal with in those days. I'd say, "look, you have to do this now so that you won't have to do it later," and she got it.

It was starting to get pretty late and I decided it was time to put my foot down--I told Herb it was time to shoot the "Desperately Seeking Susan" costumes. After a very long day shooting pictures completely unrelated to the movie, I think he spent an hour or two doing it.   But those few frames turned out to be gold.

As we were getting ready to go, I really did see something that I think very few people have ever seen, at least for a long time. Madonna called Jellybean and they were in the middle of some kind of argument. For a few moments I saw her impregnable shell break away: she appeared to be a normal young woman unsatisfied or hurt by whatever her boyfriend up to. As I had learned that day, showing her breasts wasn't a big issue to Madonna, but showing vulnerability definitely was: as soon as she spied me looking, she tucked that honest emotion back into whatever place she kept them in, and was "Madonna" again.

"Desperately Seeking Susan"  Rolling Stone Cover

Herb Ritts' Rolling Stone Cover of Madonna and Rosanna
The only picture of them on this page not shot on that first day.

Early the next week, Herb turned up at Madonna's trailer with several hundred dollars worth of extraordinary photos. Platinum Prints. Museum quality stuff. I'd never seen anything like it. I surmised that he was hoping to photograph Ms. Ciccone again. I think it's an understatement to say that's exactly what happened. He became one of Lady Madonna's top court photographers, shooting many of her most memorable images, until his untimely death in 2002.

Sometime after the film wrapped, I happened to be at the New York Orion office for a publicity meeting when the ad agency was making a presentation. The focus was on the New Jersey housewife part of the movie. Rosanna's face was on a toaster and Madonna's face was on a piece of toast. Something I can't remember with a microwave oven. Each one was more terrible than the one before. As it happened, I had brought a set of the slides from the Ritts photo session to the meeting. I pulled them out and said, "have you guys seen these?" They hadn't. Ann Lander had gone on vacation and locked the photos up in her safe. Seriously. There was a hush in the room.

This wasn't the end of the story, however. Some people at Orion thought that the image would make people think it was a lesbian movie. Thankfully the film's producers, Midge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury, were able to make their case and the result is the poster as you can see it above.

Pretty much every "Desperately Seeking Susan" slide Herb took during that hour got used thousands of times. One of them even became a Playboy Cover. September 1985 Playboy

Years later I visited the London Film Museum… and there it was! My poster! I was truly proud. I felt that in this tiny way, I had been part of the history of film. After all, that image would not exist if I hadn't thought it up! Okay, okay, Herb, Rosanna, Madonna, Santo, Melissa, Susan Seidelman, screenwriter Leora Barish, and even Ann Lander had something to do with it too.

As Rosanna Arquette is still someone I have kept in touch with and I believe reads my blog now and then, I apologize for once again making this story ALL ABOUT MADONNA. She has always had a way of making everything about her.

Years later I ran into Madonna at Lee's Art Shop on 57th Street. I introduced myself and said that I worked on "Desperately Seeking Susan." "A lot of people worked on 'Desperately Seeking Susan,'" she said, as she walked past me.

by ReidRosefelt

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Carlos on Co-Parenting wth Madonna

source access hollywood

Lola talks fashion and mom madonna


Hard Candy Gym to Open in St. Petersburg

February 21, 2011

Madonna To Open Third Hard Candy Fitness Center In St. Petersburg

New York, NY - For Immediate Release – Madonna's third Hard Candy Fitness Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, a beautifully designed 52,000 square foot space in the center of the city is projected to open in mid-2011, it was confirmed today by Mark Mastrov, Chairman of New Evolution Ventures (NeV). The announcement of this latest facility follows the recent opening of the Mexico City Hard Candy Fitness and confirmation of plans for a Hard Candy Fitness Center in Moscow.

The St. Petersburg location holds special meaning for Madonna. "St Petersburg, Russia was one of the most magical nights on my 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour and I'm thrilled that we've found the perfect location and ideal environment there for the next Hard Candy Fitness," commented Madonna.

Both the Moscow and St. Petersburg location will be in partnership with Irina Razumova, founder of the well-known Russian chain Planet Fitness. "We are honored to collaborate with Madonna and her team in designing and developing a beautiful facility like no other in the world," stated Razumova.

NeV's Mastrov, his partner Jim Rowley, along with Madonna and Guy Oseary are also exploring options of building additional Hard Candy locations in Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil, for facilities that will offer a unique member experience. Hard Candy Fitness Centers will include state of the art equipment, exclusive curriculum along with Mind Body Studio, The Great Wall, Sculpting, barre3, a Bike Studio, Capoeira, the newest trends in Yoga, a Juice Bar/Café and lavish locker rooms.

"The early success of the first Hard Candy Fitness Center in Mexico City - where Madonna taught a dance class to members at the opening - has inspired us all to create similar facilities and seek out local partnerships around the globe which embody Madonna's workout philosophy. St. Petersburg and other locations of Hard Candy Fitness will be a place where members will enjoy their workout experience in a beautiful environment in each city," commented Mastrov.

Due to tremendous interest and the many inquiries NeV has received from all over the world about Hard Candy Fitness Centers, fans have been asked to voice their choice for the next location by going to www.madonna.com/hardcandyfitness and vote on the interactive map for your dream location.

source; madonna.com

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Madonna takes Diva to new level

thanks to john for this news:

Madonna took DIVA to a NEW level this week, during a trip to Berlin. Her camp called The Soho House to inform them  that Madonna was going to be in town for one night and wanted to stay at the hotel, but she "doesn't want to sleep where other people have slept." Seriously. They actually said that. "Madonna doesn't like to sleep where other people have slept," a hotel source told Closer magazine. "She needs all new things – a new bed, fresh paint, new lights. So we renovated the whole room. We have never had a request like this before." The total cost of renovating the room? $30,000! Keep in mind it probably cost the hotel more $$$  to renovate the room than she actually paid the room for the night.
And that's not all. "We also had to provide 500 bottles of Kabbalah water [which is blessed by a rabbi] for Madonna and her entourage," the source reports. What the hell do you do with 500 bottles of water when you're only in your room for one night?


Carlos Leon : I'm forever Grateful to Madonna '

Carlos Leon had a passionate affair with Madonna in the 1990s which resulted in their daughter Lourdes, 14, who he says is the love of his life.

Although their relationship did not last, Carlos said in a new interview: 'I'm forever grateful to [Madonna]'.

The pair met in 1994 in New York City but split up seven month after the birth of their daughter in 1997. 

'I have no regrets. I wouldn't change anything. I got the best thing out of that relationship, and that's my daughter. My daughter is everything to me', he added.

Speaking to People magazine to promote his new film Immigration Tango, the 44-year-old actor and personal trainer admitted that he finds it difficult to be strict with his daughter.

'I'm a lenient dad. I'm very empathetic, and I'm good at listening to my daughter. I'm probably a bad dad when it comes to disciplining her', Carlos shared.

He also said that he compromises when it comes to his teen daughter's curfew with her shooting for 10.30 from his 10pm rule but then settling on 10.15 to keep both of them happy.

Still close: Madonna and Carlos had a three year relationship but  broke up when Lourdes was seven months old - they remain friends and  co-parent their daughter

Still close: Madonna and Carlos had a three year relationship but broke up when Lourdes was seven months old - they remain friends and co-parent their daughter

Although Lourdes is not dating yet, Carlos said he is not looking forward to when that day comes.

'I'm dreading it so much, because she's my little girl. I want her to stay young forever', he said.

I'm already protective, so when the time comes, I will be ready to have a talk with the guy she brings through the door. He better be ready, because I'll give him the rundown!', the proud dad said.

Carlos and Madonna still have a very friendly relationship and have even been seen in recent years working out together and spending time with their child.

Since splitting with the Material Girl, Carlos has built a successful acting career appearing in popular television shows like Ugly Betty, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and White Collar.

He is currently co-starring in the critically acclaimed comedy Immigration Tango.

The fitness fanatic puts his lean body on display in a scene from the movie, where his character Carlos Sanchez strips down to nothing but a pair of skin tight blue underpants.

The independent comedy centres around American couple and a foreign couple who test the limits of friendship and love when they switch partners and get married for green cards.

It premièred last April at the Boston Film Festival.

It also played at the Toronto Film Festival and took top prize at last year's Palm Beach Film Festival.

uk daily mail


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Madonna spotting

Last week, Madonna was spotted attending the Kabballah Centre in London, and guess who was also in attendance? Sandra Berndhart! Have they made up yet? Time will tell.

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Official download Madonna song date! 3/17

Buy Express Yourself 3/17/11

Buy Express Yourself 3/17/11
fans from all over the world will be buying madonnas expess yourself, maybe inspired by gagas new hit single, but also a way to pay tribute to madonnas career. maybe this will be a yearly thing? lets see, but for now, dont forget to mark it on your calendar!

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What Madonna Can Teach Lady Gaga

I'm not sure what made me feel older—the tweet from a twenty-something who noted in amazement that "Gee, Barbra Streisand has some set of pipes," or the fact that other than the tribute to Aretha Franklin and the appearances by Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan, there wasn't a whole lot I could relate to while watching last night's Grammy Awards ceremony, with one major exception. The show made clear that as much as music has evolved over the years, the fact that there are essentially two approaches to building a brand hasn't. And it was Barbra, pipes and all, along with that gaga lady in the egg who got me thinking about this.

Let me explain. Miss Streisand represents the first type of branding approach wherein you figure out what you want your brand to stand for in the minds of consumers and you consistently deliver on this promise year after year, and decade after decade, not straying too far from the expected executions. Yes, you make some changes to ensure that the brand remains relevant in the marketplace but, essentially, you know what people expect and you meet their expectations with unwavering authenticity. "Evergreen" sounded just as lovely last night as when Barbra first performed it in "A Star is Born."

On the other hand, there's the constant reinvention type of branding. Yes, Lady Gaga is known for her quick-change artistry, but it's not this feisty miss who represents this approach. Instead, it's a very talented marketing lady who, more or less, invented the category of contemporary reinvention in the contemporary music category—Madonna. Sensing changes in the public's mood for music, anticipating (creating?) the next trend, Madonna came out with as different and relevant a brand of musical self as she and the market allowed. She was a genius at knowing how not to be too far out in front of the curve, and being able to sense when her current brand of entertainment had run its course, both critical elements in good branding within any category. Equally important, she also knew that, no matter the guise or disguise of the moment, she had to deliver on a core competency—in her case, a genuine talent for song and dance. Without it, no amount of artifice could help her win fans.

A good non-musical analogy to the above is Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Coke continues to build on its reputation as the "real thing," bringing to life the promise of happiness by way of a "Coke and a smile," or some related variation on this warm and fuzzy theme. Pepsi's claim to branding fame is as the "choice of a new generation." As such, its branding team is always on the lookout for daring and irreverent ways to communicate the Pepsi brand promise. Both products continue to succeed mightily as a result of initiatives that have resonated with their respective audiences but, more so, because their products continue to be gratifying to those who buy them.

As a branding professional, I can tell you that the first approach to building a brand is much easier. You identify how you want consumers to see and think about your offering and you stick pretty close to home in your communication efforts. Being constantly on the lookout for the next new thing can be pretty demanding, key among the challenge not allowing consumers to lose sight of the fundamental brand benefit in the process, which is where Lady Gaga comes in. If she wants to follow Madonna's route to building her brand, let her have at it. I wish her well. As a classically trained musician she's a talented lady. She must understand, however, that to succeed in the category as Madonna did, she'll need to deliver on a core brand competency no matter how many quick changes she makes in an evening. All the quick changes in the world can't stand up to great brand performance.

source: FORBES blog

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Lady Gaga on the 'rip off' claims

on last nights JAY LENO show she said:

'"There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me." "

whatever ladya gaga sells, we're not buying it!

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Optimum grabs Madonna pic - Entertainment News, International News, Media - Variety



Video of Madonna in Berlin

Madonna dines with boyfriend
48 sec
Feb 14 - Madonna was at the Berlin Film Festival showing parts of her new movie "WE". The pop star was also spotted leaving an ...

IM Global Flys out Madonna

source; VARIETY .com

Madonna, who will screen portions of her second directorial effort "W.E.," starring Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and James D'Arcy, to a small group of international buyers today, came to Berlin when promoting her first directing project "Filth and Wisdom" in 2008. Her quickie visit will include a Q&A after screening.
Likewise, Smith was here to woo international buyers with his horror pic "Red State," which he notoriously announced he was self-distributing in Sundance last month, after giving the proverbial middle-finger to the indie biz in Park City.
"I think their presence helps immensely," said Ford. "First of all, it depends on the personality of the filmmaker, and Kevin and Madonna can sell and articulate their film better than we can. It's a fantastic communication exercise to have them talking to distributors.
"Both have a very strong voice and a profile of their own outside of the film, so for distributors, it sends an important message that they are willing to travel and support the film."
At AFM last year, Exclusive Media Group brought George Clooney to the AFM to shop his project "Ides of March" personally to buyers at the market. Exclusive ended up selling the project worldwide as a result.
But is the expense of flying out these stars and footing their hotel bill worth the money?
"Absolutely," said Ford. "To fly them out here and put them up for a few days in a hotel is nothing in context of making multimillion dollar deals on their films."
Ford adds that already buyers from major international territories are biting on Smith's pic, and he expects deals for Blighty, Australia, France and Germany to close over the weekend.


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Madonna makes 35 minute presentation for W.E.

Stuart Ford's IM Global was poised last night [13] to close a UK deal with Optimum on Madonna's dual timeline drama W.E.
Earlier in the day the LA-based company licensed rights to Village Roadshow in Australia after Ford and president of international sales and distribution Jonathan Deckter worked through the night fielding offers.
Madonna gave a 35-minute presentation to buyers at the 250-seat CineStar 5 on Saturday night and showed several scenes from the film, which intertwines two love affairs: that between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and a contemporary storyline.
Multiple offers are in for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Latin America and Scandinavia and the territories are expected to close imminently.
Abbie Cornish, James D'Arcy, rising UK star Andrea Riseborough, Oscar Isaac and Richard Coyle star.
"We had offers literally as people were leaving so we had a very late night," Ford said.

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CAA Holding back from selling domestic W.E.

The agency has decided to wait until the Fall before selling North American rights to Madonna's W.E. following its Berlin preview on Saturday. It may either start negotiating at Venice or Toronto, I'm told. Optimum Releasing, the British arm of Studio Canal, is close to taking UK rights from sales agent IM Global, which is handling overseas. The deal should be done by the end of today. Village Roadshow has already taken Australia and New Zealand, while I'm told offers are in "over asking price" for France, Germany, Italy, Latin America, Russia and Spain. Abbie Cornish stars opposite Oscar Isaac as a modern-day New Yorker obsessed with the royal love story between Britain's King Edward VIII (James D'Arcy) and American divorcee Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough). The pic is still in post and will be for several months.

source Deadline.com

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
From: pedro miranda 



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Guetta on Madonna win backstage at grammys

1 min
David Guetta talks backstage about winning a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for the One Love remix of ...
youtube.com - Related videos


Madonna live express yourself MTV

Madonnas official YouTube page has just added her live performance of express yourself live from the Vmas video clip!

With all the buzz madonnas express yourself is getting, do you think it has a chance of charting again? If so, we'll have lady gaga to thank for it!

Madonna arrives in Berlin

Thanks to pedro 






ULTIMATE DRAG OFF- MADONNA NIGHT MARCH 5th -desperately seeking madonnas.

Ultimate Drag Off




The Off-Broadway Hit ULTIMATE DRAG OFF , NYC's weekly Drag Spectacle is seeking MADONNA performers for their MARCH 5th SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW. ASAP


PLEASE SEND clips/pics of your best MADONNA as we celebrate Madonna's life and times.

There is pay,stipend,bonus and Off-Broadway Credit

You must perform 2 madonna songs, lip-sync or sing live, look, move and turn it out in your full out drag form and style.

Get into the Groove as we Celebrate a Holiday with Madonna performances and fans from all over.

Send all your info to:



visit : www.DRAGOFF.com  for more info on the show


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Simon Cowell praises Madonna


More evidence they want Madonna to appear on his show, lol.


Madonna to guest on the x factor?

A new show on fox, the u.s. Version of xfactor.

They have featured Madonna heavily in their commercial!
Looks amazing
Thanks to mikey for the clip

New Icon boards are now up

check it out here
and sign in so we can discuss the queen
and remember, my name on there is madonnasworld :)


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Guy denies DVD releases

Madonnas managers latest twitters
 the update is that Madonna cant wait to get into the recording studio.. This will happen as soon as she finishes the movie she directed...
Twitter - 4 hours ago
guyosearymadonna will not be at grammys. I have no idea where the rumor of a live dvd box set is coming from. Im not against doing it.. just not true