Fashion was extensive in W.E.

Madonna says Andrea Riseborough's Wallis Simpson film character wore "at least 80" different costumes in new movie W.E.

The songstress was interested in presenting accurate historical detail in her directorial debut. Wallis was famously fashionable and Madonna ensured that the character appeared in many iconic couture outfits.

She was insistent that the costumes should look as authentic as possible.

"[There were] At least 80 [costume changes]," Madonna told the UK edition of Glamour magazine. "We borrowed a few real pieces, and then some couture houses that made clothes for her originally re-made stuff for us."

Madonna borrowed outfits from luxury designer label Christian Dior. She was also loaned some pieces by the historical Victoria and Albert museum in London, which she was grateful for.

"Christian Dior and the V&A were extremely generous and made many pieces," she explained. "Arianne [Phillips, the costume designer] rented some vintage pieces that were similar to clothes she would have worn."

W.E. follows the controversial affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis.