Madonna felt like an outsider in London

Source :the independent, ie

Madonna sometimes felt like a lonely "outsider" when she was living in England.

The American singer relocated to the UK while she was married to the film director Guy Ritchie. However, after eight years together their divorce was finalised in 2008 and Madonna returned to New York.

The star recently spent some time in London again while she was making her new movie W.E. – which follows the controversial romance between American divorcee Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII.

Madonna has revealed she felt a strong connection to Wallis.

"Definitely," she told the February issue of UK magazine Glamour when asked if she could relate to Wallis. "When you move to a new country, there's an anonymity; you can start all over again. That was refreshing when I moved to England, but then there's the feeling of being an outsider, of being lonely, of not having roots, of not quite being understood.

"[Wallis] started off thinking, 'This is the greatest love story of the 20th century,' only to find out that all love requires compromise. There is no such thing as a perfect love, you can't rely on one man to make your life complete and, in the end, happiness lies in your own hands. That is a discovery I can relate to."

Madonna has enjoyed a lengthy career and constantly manages to reinvent herself.

The 53-year-old star has tried her hand at music, movies and even designing clothes. She does her best to ignore her critics and has advised young businesswoman to give everything they have to their chosen career.

"If you want to do anything right, you have to put your heart and soul into it," she explained. "There are always challenges, and you have to be prepared to go to the wall and be on your knees to get something done correctly, so if you don't love something then it's just going to feel like a form of torture with no reward. Love your work and no sacrifice will be too big or too small.

"My other advice is: if you want the job done right, do it yourself. Sorry to use that tired old cliché, but it is true!"

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