Madonna Gives Another $830K to Cultish Kabbalah Center Causes | Showbiz411


I submitted my reply to this report by mr. Friedman, but It hasn't
been approved yet:

What right do you have Mr. Friedman to tell anyone, and in this case,
Madonna, how to spend her money?, what charities she should and
shouldn't support? It's beyond ridiculous, before you go telling
people how to spend their own money, let's first see you share your
tax information for 2010, and please make sure to give us an exact
breakdown of what charities you donated to as well. Then we can all
sit behind our computer screens and judge you too.

Obviously you would never do that because that is your own personal
affairs, and yet you have the audacity to put madonna under a
Give it a rest, you look more and more desperate with each and every
fabrication, distorted lies that you pass off as "news". , just enjoy
madonna, her music, her art, if you haven't heard yet, she will be the
Super Bowl half time performer, watch and be blown away, like the rest
of the world and learn, why she is the Queen.