Madonna misses the glamour of royals

With the likes of Wills and Kate now earning their keep as Olympic ambassadors, the queen of pop wants them to glam up a notch like their forefathers. 

'I think the royal family of the '30s and '40s were the stars of their day,' the film-making royal observer said. 

'Edward VIII was really like a movie star. People were in love with him.' The W.E director added: 'Now, with the royals, their role in society seems to be reduced to being ambassadors. 

'I think it's a shame. I like the old-fashioned way.'

If her dream comes true, Madge may yet make movie stars out of the newlyweds after recently revealing she'd like her next royal film to document the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first ten years of marriage. 

Despite a growing obsession with the House of Windsor, the megastar says she is yet to make any inroads into royal circles herself after dredging up the tale of King Edward's love affair with US socialite Wallis Simpson. 

When asked if she ever gets to hang out with the blue-blooded family, the 53-year-old said: 'I don't really.' 

She told Grazia: 'I don't get invited to any of their parties!' 

Despite their lack of 'movie star' quality, Madonna says Kate is on the right path at least after praising her 'style' and 'intelligence'.

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