Madonna prepares for Superbowl with injuries

Madonna has revealed that in addition to a few NFL players she too is among the walking wounded as she prepares to perform during halftime at this year's Super Bowl.

The pop superstar has revealed she has leg and nose injuries as she rehearses for one of the biggest performances of her career.

The 53 year old says, "I have a pulled hamstring and I have a little red dot on my nose where I wounded myself with my microphone."

But the show must go on for the Material Girl, who insists she'll be in tip-top form for the big gig on February 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She adds, "I'm going to dance and sing my butt off for the Super Bowl. I'm working so hard on it."

Madonna isn't revealing any details about the 12-minute spectacular, but admits there will be a "very special guest" joining her onstage.


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