Madonna Talks About Her Upcoming Super Bowl Performance

Madonna Talks About Her Upcoming Super Bowl Performance
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Madonna was recently interviewed about her film W.E. when the conversation turned to her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Here are some highlights of that interview.

On having not planned for the fragrance, tour, album, movie and Super Bowl show to happen around the same time: "No, everything kind of converged in a bottleneck. I was always planning on making a record when I finished my film but I ended up finishing my film much later than I had expected so, because I had already scheduled time with all the producers and writers for my record, I had to multitask and work on my record at the same time I was finishing my film. And then somehow it worked out that the record was being finished right around the time the movie was coming out. Then I got talked into doing the Super Bowl."

On being a perfectionist: "I want to do everything really well. I kept saying to my manager, "I don't want to do the Super Bowl unless I can really give it my all, and really focus all my attention on it." And he said, "Don't worry! There won't be any problems. You'll be able to concentrate just on the Super Bowl." Now of course my movie is coming out during the Super Bowl so it's a little bit nerve-racking."

On rehearsing for the Super Bowl: "It's not an easy show to do because you have such a short period of time to set the stage up. And you're performing in the round so you can't direct anything that walks off anybody's sight line. You have eight minutes to put your stage together, 12 minutes to do the show and seven minutes to take it down."


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