New inside info on Madonnas performance

This has been posted on a Bruce Springsteen forum by someone who is apparently working the Halftime show doing the lighting:

 "Saw Madonna's set list. Open's with "Vogue" and closes with "Like a Prayer" with a huge choir. Worked at Lucas Oil Field today

 finishing the lighting there. Toured the Colts/Patriots locker room and the Giants room." and later added this "Been working till 3 

am the past few... days. Much to catch up on but will do most of it later. Madonna has already changed a few things. Her 

entrance is now the exit during "Like a Prayer." She will be brought in on a cart covered with huge feathers I believed carried by 

some of her gladiators, then make her grand appearance. The exit upstage is being changed again today because it has a small 

step she her her ankle and hamstring on last week at her personal rehearsals. It will now be completely flat when the lift brings 

her down to disappear. We hooked up many more lights on the cart and her ego riser midstage."  

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