Great review of Madonnas message behind the video

The football players in "Give Me All Your Love" are there to serve Madonna, at Madonna's pleasure. And clearly they serve her well, anticipating her needs from the getgo -- whether sheilding her from rain, tackling obstacles, taking bullets for her, serving as steps/flooring or even sawing a cab in half so that her pace flows uninterrupted.

During the Monroe sequence, the football players act as furniture for Madonna and her friends MIA and Nicki Minaj. Footballers' heads lines the walls, but not as trophies -- as functional beauty lighting!
THAT is good use of a football player's head!

This sequence is genius.. and classic Madonna... as she reclaims the power of Monroe's most famous image..
but when Monroe stood over a subway grate, her white dress blowing up and men ogling on, she was the passive, oblivious victim/recipient of a lascivious & mocking male gaze.
The male gaze is not relevant here..
They are completely powerless, utterly subservient,
there only to serve women, & serve femininity.

So is it a surprise when the football players turn out to be.. mechanical in nature? ... not really.

Automatons. Men. Madonna sees no difference.

Madonna is both feminist and feminine-ist.
She exalts both women AND the power of femininity.. something the feminists forgot.

"Give Me All Your Love" is no exception:
Women reign supreme in the Madonna-verse.

worth noting also, the video ends in an orgy of cheerleader-lead jock decapitation.
madonna grins as she triumphantly holds a football player's head aloft.

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