Madonna: "Lady GaGa Is Not Built Like A Brick S**thouse"

Madonna has revealed she believes Britney Spears is emotionally stronger than Lady GaGa.

The Queen of Pop, who is due to perform at the Super Bowl this Sunday (5th February), made the comment after discussing Lady G's support of the gay and lesbian community, which has made her a social icon.

Speaking to The Advocate about GaGa's bond with her homosexual supporters, Madge claimed: "It seems genuine. It seems natural, and I can see why she has a young gay following.

"I can see that they connect to her kind of not fitting into the conventional norm. I mean, she's not Britney Spears. She's not built like a brick s**thouse.

"She seems to have had a challenging upbringing, and so I can see where she would also have that kind of connection, a symbiotic relationship with gay men."

In other Madonna news, the Hung Up hitmaker has paid tribute to Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. after working with the duo on her new single, Give Me All Your Luvin'.

When asked why she decided to team-up with Minaj and the Paper Planes singer, the 53-year old told CNN's Anderson Cooper: "I'm a fan of their music but also I like their independence, their spirit,

"They're cheeky and unique and they have individual voices. They're not conventional pop stars and I really admire them both. I love both of them actually."

Madge went on to reveal details of her snog with Nicki, adding: "It was her birthday and it was actually the end of one of those long days of shooting and we were all giving a birthday toast to her. After a few sips of champagne I kissed her, yes."


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