What a night- madonnasworld reviews halftime performance

This performance was beyond grand..

The entrance reminded me of Liz Taylor's performance of cleopatra, she
totally blew me away from the first moment that she came on to the
screen, she brought this Hollywood glamour again that is missing in
today's performers, let alone actresses.
She is a classic beauty and even though the lights were brightly
shining, dancers were abound, special guest performers left and right,
and the crowds were roaring, madonna easily kept us captivated by
her presence and hers alone, throughout.
Never did the energy stop.
It's no wonder madonna came out in a roman theme, she was once
described having a Romanesque face at an early age, so the look
totally suited her.
I have seen madonna perform countless times and I always say that she
constantly tops her last performance, and this is definitely going to
be a stand out in her career, a new peak has been reached. What an
accomplishment this is, all madonna fans know who have been with
madonna from the start feel a sense of pride in this moment, after
nearly 30 years in the spotlight, madonna has yet to give us any hint
of her slowing down, and we couldn't be happier and more proud of our

Give madonna the biggest stage to perform on, she will deliver.
I just wonder, what took her so long?
I really hope that she gets invited back next year, as they kept
saying in the commercials leading up to tonight, that it is "her first
time ever", on the Super Bowl stage!