Brahim proposes to Madonna

She once said she would rather be run over by a train than get married again – but now Madonna is considering a proposal from her toyboy lover.
The 53-year-old singer is 'making up her mind' after dancer Brahim Zaibat popped the question at a Kabbalah centre in New York three weeks ago.
Twice-married Madonna, who kicks off a new world tour in May, has  told 24-year-old Brahim that she  needs more time to think about his proposal.
A source says: 'Brahim asked Madonna to marry him at the centre a few weeks ago, but Madonna hasn't given him an answer yet. She doesn't want to rush into anything.
'She is very happy with Brahim, although her friends are not sure she is ready for marriage again.
'That said, Madonna has a real fear of being on her own. It's a major issue for her, and she loves having a man in her life who is young and makes her feel young.'
It was Madonna's messy divorce from film director Guy Ritchie in 2008 after eight years of marriage that  provoked her 'never again' comment, as she declared: 'I think I'd rather get run over by a train.'
But during a recent appearance on Graham Norton's BBC chat show, she appeared to have had a change of heart. 'Every girl wants to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armour,' she said. 'Even if we are sophisticated, educated, intelligent, evolved human beings, we like to think in the back of our minds that Mr Right is going to sweep us off our feet and take us into the sunset, and we're going to live happily ever after.'
Her relationship with Brahim became serious when he took her to meet his 45-year-old mother Patricia Vidal, a strict Muslim who lives in France. Ms Vidal said of the meeting: 'My mouth fell open when I realised that my son was Madonna's new boyfriend. I'm still trying to come to terms with it.'
Quite apart from concerns about the 29-year-age gap, there is said to be tension between Brahim and his mother over  his frequent visits to meetings  of Kabbalah, which is a mystical branch of the Jewish faith.

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