Katy Perry Banned From Mentioning Madonna

Katy Perry may be a sizzling, sexy popstar but she hasn't always been allowed to 'express herself', as she has revealed that she was banned from even mentioning Madonna's name when growing up.

The 27 year-old grew up with strict preacher parents and for them Madonna's sexy image and performances were too risqué for their daughter.

The 'California Gurls' star told The Daily Star: "One day she was doing a sex book. I think for my parents, with their belief systems, the idea that I would be influenced by that was very scary."

It doesn't seem to have stopped the 'Firework' singer though as she loves to show off her body in skin tight outfits and gives steamy performances that would give even the 'Material Girl' a run for her money.

Then there is the small matter of her sex-addict ex-husband? We wonder what Katy would have been like if she had been allowed to follow her idol!

The singer seems to be a fan of the British bad boy and has reportedly moved on to Scottish actor Gerard Butler who is fresh out of rehab. 


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