Madonna on M.D.N.A.

M.D.N.A. drops on Friday and Madonna is hitting the promotional trail in order to ensure her latest album lives up to her standards. Today brought her to SIRIUS XM's OutQ Radio, where she broke down the down sides to the disc.

Sneak Peek - Madonna's Gang Bang

My personal favorite track on the album is Gang Bang, of that she says, "It's the ultimate revenge song. It's very nihilistically romantic. On the one hand, it sounds like I'm telling somebody to go f*ck themselves. On the other, I let myself become possessed by this Russ Meyer/Quentin Tarantino character. There's sorrow in it, there's a broken heart in it and there's lots of humor in it."

On the flip side is Superstar. "It's the antithesis to Gang Bang," Madge said. "It's about finding a man that you can look up to and comparing them to archetypes I adore. John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln – they're superstars in my mind and I compare the object of my affection to all these people."

Listen To Lourdes' Superstar!

As for the little superstar in her own life, Madonna says that daughter Lourdes (who lends some vocals to Superstar) asked her name be taken off the record. "She's going through that 'I don't want anyone to notice me phase.'"

So what does that mean for rumors Lourdes will be going on tour with mom? Madonna says, "She's definitely going on tour with me, I've got to keep my eye on her – she's 15." But whether or not Lourdes will appear on stage remains to be seen. "She might be doing makeup or dressing people in the wardrobe department."


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