M.D.N.A. Madonna album review!


"I Don't Give A..." feat. Nicki Minaj
Wake up,
This is your life,
Children on your own,
Gotta plan on the phone,
Meet the press,
Buy a dress,
Do all this to impress...

Do ten things at once
And if you don't like it
I don't give a...
I tried to be the perfect wife...
I diminished myself...
It swallowed me...
If I was a failure
Then I don't give a...

Tour-de-force moment on the album. recounting a typical day, becomes intensely honest, telling-off of her critics. The track builds up to a genius, choral, almost Tom Burton-esque conclusion.

"Gang Bang"
Shot you dead,
Shot my lover in the head...
I'm going straight to hell...
I've got a lot of friends there
Drive bitch, die bitch

Very theatrical vocals about taking revenge on a lover who ruined her life. She apparently yells on the record "Drive bitch, Die bitch!" Kind of Stupid, kind of amazing, kind of funny and kind of fucked up! Full of one essential thing that her contenders lack: DRAMA!

"Turn Up The Radio" 
Strongest most immediate section on MDNA. Begins like a delicate ballad, pleading the audience to stop for a moment and get away from the world through music. May sound trite, but there's urgency in it's simplicity. Transforms into the albums most pounding moment, reaching a climax that threatens to blow the speakers. Some might find it unusually generic, but she makes it her own. Sure to please fans, fill dancefloors, shake clubs and find a slot on the next series of Glee

One of the later highlights on the album. The sweetest song she has released since "Cherish". Twirls along, an open-top summer anthem. Serenading a new lover with a hypnotic chorus. It's simple and pretty and a perfect song to sing on her summer concerts! And should definately be a single!


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