Rollingstone: Girl Gone Wild official buzz clip of the week

• Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video is officially the buzz clip of the week with its evocation of the black-and-white high glamour of her early 1990s Sex phase. For visual aids, Madge turned to Agent Provocateur for her brassiere (also featured on the single cover) and Zoraide for her high-stepping heels. Style.com reports that the shoes were custom-made for her by Paola Bay of the Italian footwear label. "She wanted them as high as possible and to be able to dance with them on," Bay explains. The singer's specialized t-straps, once again a trend, are made of black silk embroidered with silver thread. "We did three fittings to make sure they were like second skin." Interestingly, Madonna's own Truth or Dare shoe line, hitting stores in August, features a similar pair.

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