Madonna gets a cut-ting edge question at Macy’s launch for her new fragrance

MADONNA'S new fragrance is called Truth or Dare, so she can't have been too surprised that a fan asked her about circumcision during a meet-and-greet at Macy's Herald Square on Thursday. "My question is simple," the male audience member asked of the 53-year-old pop star: "Cut or uncut?"

"That is a scandalous question. I refuse to answer it," Madonna replied, without missing a beat. Then she added: "Are you talking about my sandwiches? I like my sandwiches cut."

Her Madgesty also had the last word when we asked her if her blockbuster Super Bowl halftime performance was, as some media mavens noted, a not-so-subtle message to Lady Gaga that nobody outdoes the Queen of Pop when it comes to combining music and visual spectacle.

"No," Madonna replied smoothly, when we brought up Gaga. "My performance was meant to entertain the masses and to celebrate the Super Bowl."

source; NYDaily News

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