Madonna: I'm no couch potato

Madonna insists she didn't transform from a "couch potato to a cannonball" for her world tour.

The music superstar is showcasing tracks from her latest album MDNA as she takes to stages around the globe this year. When quizzed on how she shapes up before hitting the road, the 53-year-old revealed that she never relaxes her exercise regime.

"So quickly?" she replied to UK TV Show Lorraine when asked how she toned up so fast. "I mean, I am always trying to stay in shape, so it is not like I went from a couch potato to a cannon ball."

Madonna insists that rehearsing for tours and performing live is a great way to stay fit.

She feels ready to hit the stage following weeks of intensive preparations for the series of shows.

"That is quite a calorie burner," she said of the rehearsals. "Just doing the show gets you into shape."

Madonna went on to discuss her favourite ways to fight the flab. She has always had a passion for dancing and spends a lot of time showing off her moves while listening to her favourite tunes.

"Yeah, I am working out and dancing," she added. "I dance a lot in my house, I have a dance studio in my house so I dance to a lot of dance music."


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