Madonna: I'm not Superwoman

Madonna regrets agreeing to such a busy schedule and realises she's not "Superwoman".

The 53-year-old is renowned for her numerous ventures, including her illustrious music career, her fashion empire and her film projects.

Speaking in an interview for UK TV Daybreak, the Queen of Pop admitted to sometimes being overwhelmed by her hectic diary.

"I'm thinking that right now," she replied when asked if she ever feels like she wants to sit on the sofa for two months and do nothing.

"Just going from my movie to my record, and the Super Bowl and rehearsing for my tour, I really haven't had a break. And you know, sometimes I think I'm Superwoman and I can do it all. Right about the middle of my tour I'm thinking: 'Wow, maybe I should have taken a few months off.'"

Madonna likes to work her work schedule around her four children. The star prefers to wait for the summer holidays before hitting the road, as she can be accompanied by Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy.

"But I have four kids so everything factors in to all of my decisions. I think being on tour in the summertime is better because they can be on the road with me and don't miss school. So I don't just make decisions on my own anymore," she said.

Madonna says although eldest daughter Lourdes is following in her footsteps when it comes to her fashion line, she is definitely her own person.

"She doesn't want to be me, I think she wants to be herself. She can do many things, she can play the piano, she can dance, she can sing, but I don't think she really knows what she wants to do and I am not going to push her in any direction. I want her to come to that organically," she said.

Madonna also discussed British superstar Adele. The singer wanted her to collaborate with her at the Super Bowl earlier this year, although that didn't materialise. When asked if the songstress could join her at her upcoming performance in London's Hyde Park in July instead, Madonna replied: "Maybe!"

Madonna teamed up with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A earlier this year to promote their track Give Me All Your Luvin'. She shocked Nicki days ahead of her 29th birthday by presenting her with a cake and kissing her on the lips.

The rapper said the gesture left her speechless.

"She kissed me but I didn't kiss her," Nicki admitted on UK TV show the Graham Norton Show. "I wasn't expecting it and I was shocked. I was shaking, thinking, 'Is this really happening, why is she doing this?'"

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