Madonna talks tour details & Launching Nail Polish

The music icon is gearing up for her ninth world tour (which will kick off in Tel Aviv in May and finish in North America in November) as well as promoting her new fragrance Truth or Dare, planning a lingerie and footwear line, oh, and raising four kids. She recently answered questions from fans at her Macy's fragrance launch, and sat down with WWD for a candid chat about all the millions of things she's doing right now. Here's what her Madgesty had to say:
On who will design her MDMA tour outfits:
"I worship and adore [Jean Paul Gaultier]. He's creating one of my costumes, and kind of godfathering the costumes for a section of my show, with all my dancers. I'm really happy he's doing it, because he's such a genius. And I'll probably wear something that Riccardo [Tisci] from Givenchy makes. But the rest of it is going to be what my costume designer Arianne Phillips creates with me."
"I don't understand. It was perfectly innocent. I just touch my cleavage once or something. I think it's dreamy and sensual, and I think it perfectly conveys the feeling I'm trying to evoke with the perfume. It's a perfume for a woman."
On extending the Truth or Dare brand to include other beauty categories like nail polish and body spray:
"Once again, time-consuming. I want it to be good. [More beauty categories are] something I'd like to develop, but I need to get past all of my other responsibilities and commitments like my tour. So, sometime in the future, yeah."
On making a perfume that smells like whiskey down the line:
"We should make a men's cologne that smells like whiskey. I can't drink it, it's too strong, but it smells amazing — a really good old whiskey."
On how her seder was (a fan asked this one):
On her biggest fear:
"Not being in control. Not knowing what lies ahead." [Ed note: Shocking.]

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