censorship for madonna in hungary

Censorship for Madonna in Hungary

Sex, violence, obscenity. Where's the limit? Culture Fitness was the radio show of MR2 Petőfi Radio where Krisztina Kozma, the scientist of National Media and Communications Authority of Program Analysis Division analyzed Madonna's Girl Gone Wild music video which was taboo shattering, not to mention the sexual overheat was used to sell the clip which was given a frame of Madonna wanted to confess that she tries to be good but can't. And she does it with cynicism and what's more is that she's imitating a sexual act with five men while she says to the God: Forgive me! Kozma told the listeners that "This is problematic because the video clips and Madonna have an audience formed by adolescences and their relation to sexuality is still controversial and most of the time due to lack of experience they are full of frustrations and insecurity.  Also they are always searching for idols in a media to follow them without critics and this is why Madonna is not the most beneficial model to follow which was seen in this clip." Kozma also added that because she is surrounded by young men Madonna is not acting to her age.

Roland Borka from madonna.co.hu


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