Madonna bans 15-year-old daughter Lourdes from going on dates

Madge is keeping a close eye on her girl

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Madonna and daughter Lourdes teamed up to create their Material Girl clothing line

Madonna's laid down the law to her teenage daughter - by cutting her allowance and banning her from going on dates!

Lourdes, 15, has been in Madge's bad books since she was caught smoking by paps in March.

And now the 53-year-old has read her the riot act.

A source reveals: 'Lourdes's allowance has been stopped 'til further notice, she isn't allowed to use her mobile in her mum's presence and she might have to attend an anti-smoking course.

'She's also been banned from going on dates and warned that things will get even more serious if she's caught smoking again.

'If Lourdes is going to act like a kid, Madge will treat her like one.'

source: UK NOW magazine


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