Madonna: Eyedrops burn

Madonna uses special Japanese eye drops that "burn a lot" but help brighten her peepers.

The Material Girl star admits she has trouble going about her early morning tasks as she has a demanding work schedule.

The mother-of-four's solution to her morning blues comes in a bottle.

"I wake up when my children go to school," she told Italian magazine Vanity Fair.

"Then I come back to bed because I usually get to sleep late at night. If I didn't have this second round of sleep I would remain nervous all day long. As soon as I get up I wash my face with very cold water and I use some sort of special Japanese eye drops. It burns a lot but it helps me to wake up even if I don't want to."

Madonna sticks to her beauty routine even while juggling her career and raising her children - Lourdes and Rocco, and adopted kids David and Mercy. One of her biggest skin care customs is simple and no fuss.

"Before go to bed I always brush my teeth and take off the make-up. I never went to sleep without scrubbing my face," she said.

Madonna, who recently launched her new perfume fragrance Truth Or Dare, looks to her mother for inspiration. Her mom died of breast cancer at age 30 in 1963.

"My mother was a real mother," she said.

"She was sweet, very womanly, and friendly. She would always wear the Robert Piguet perfume called Fracas. I still remember it, it's pressed in my memory. I connect it with my childhood, when I got up early and I would run into my parent's bed just to receive some cuddles."

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