Madonna won’t let her daughter on stage

Madonna won't let her daughter on stage, makes her the wardrobe girl instead

Lourdes Leon may have been singing back-up on mother Madonna's latest album MDNA, but she won't be dancing.

Instead she'll be organising costumes.

Lourdes, whose father Carlos Leon is a dancer, was reported to be appearing as one of Madonna's back-up dancers for her upcoming world tour this month.

Now, however, the teenager will be working behind the scenes instead of centre stage.

"There are no plans for Lourdes to be on stage and she will not be dancing or performing," a source told the Daily Mail. "She will be working in the wardrobe department".

Ouch. A bit of a step down.

Although Lourdes is said to be more reserved than her superstar mother, it still must be a blow for her.

Could this be a form of parental discipline since the 15-year-old was spotted smoking in New York in March?

Oh well. You still get to tour the world! That's got to count for something right?


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