Shirley Manson on Madonna

Shirley Manson:

"The tabloids complain about her looking old, and people laugh at her for that. Then Madonna goes and fixes her face, and they laugh at her for that. Even thought they begrudgingly say she looks amazing, they'll still laugh at her for trying to look young. Then she steps out, looking amazing, and the tabloids go and blow up a picture of her aging hand. Nobody's doing that to George Clooney, blowing up pictures of his hands! I look at these magazines, and I want to say to them, What's your point? That she's aged? Does that surprise you? Or is your 'point' an attempt to undercut what she's achieved? I think it is, even if it's on a subconscious level. And you probably wouldn't turn down those hands if they were grabbing you under the table, you fucking idiots."

I can't wait to see Shirley this year on the road, she is by far one of the most talent artists in music.

thanks to Jeremy for this news

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