Lady Gaga, the Anti-Madonna Fan


Find out below why madonna got fed up with Lady Gagas hateful attacks and fired back with a tour burn that no one can ever recover from!


People are saying this is Lady Gaga's reply to Madonna's Express Yourself/Born this Way/She's Not Me mashup at 2:24.

Predictably, she's taking the victim stance again, and says that Madonna has done it to make her feel better about herself, that she has been 'cunty'. Basically, it seems she's equating Madonna to a bully, then talks about the bullies that have made her gay fans feel bad about themselves.

"No matter who you are or what you believe in, some things are just so true and so real that nothing can destroy them. Even some of the greatest forces in the world can't destroy them…I'd be lying if I said that sometimes I don't think about people who can stop me and who will try. It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves, you know? To put other people down, or make fun of them, maybe make a mockery of their work. And, that doesn't make me feel good at all. It just makes me feel like I'm not being a good human being…and it's a challenge, but at the end of the day, I learned so much this year about that. I learned a lot about negativity, I learned a lot about people trying to tear you down. And I'm just not that person, and I never will be. And I don't even wanna fight back. When I look into your eyes I don't see a fanbase who wants me to fight or bite or be shady and cunty. Things are different than they were 25 years ago and that's what makes 'Born This Way' so relevant. We're all in a different place and it's okay, you don't have to slice and hate eachother anymore."

Dear Gaga

It seems we finally agree on something. But our views are still completely different. 

"Things are different than they were 25 years ago and that's what makes 'Born This Way' so relevant."

Yes, indeed, Gaga. Things are different from 25 years ago. But not the way you think. That's why "Born This Way" is NOT relevant:

25 years ago, people could get arrested in many states in America for loving someone of the same sex. Still, Madonna embraced the gay cause in her work and discussed the issue in her shows and videos at a time it was a crime in many places in the USA.

25 years ago, there was no TV show in America with main/central characters that were openly gay. The mainstream media had not embraced the gay lifestyle 25 years ago. But Madonna, had. Madonna brought to the mainstream media what was considered subculture, inferior, outcast.

Madonna openly embraced the gay culture in her work 25 years ago. A work that was indeed relevant. She is partly responsible for the transition of aspects of the gay community from subculture into mainstream culture. 25 years ago, Madonna was already sending a message of equality for all in her work, including gays, lesbians, bi; she addressed feminism, humanism, Latino immigrants - everything you discuss now, in Born This Way. How can you call your work relevant now? Madonna has covered it all in her work. Andshe did it when the American media turned its back on those issues.

Your work, Lady Gaga, came out at a time when America already discusses those issues. We are all grateful that your work reinforces the discussion on those issues - just like Katy Perry's and Cyndi Lauper's work. But BTW is not more relevant than the work of those artists. It's, actually, the "norm". 25 years ago, speaking about them in the mainstream media was relevant and groundbreaking. Today, not so much. Madonna's work was so much more relevant 25 years ago that  while she was the face and name of several gay-related causes, your pal Elton John was in the closet, avoiding any association with the gay community. You need a reality check, honey.

Today the majority of Americans support gay marriage (very different from 25 years ago)That's the context "Born This Way" came out.

"Born This Way" came out at a time where gay culture is part of the mainstream media, very different from 25 years ago.

The mainstream media in America has already embraced the gay community:

Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Glee, Will & Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer as Folks - they have all been introduced to the mainstream media years before your so called "relevant" work.

So stop pretending your work is relevant, or revolutionary. It's not. The work itself is not. And you, Lady Gaga, are not a revolutionary, relevant artist. You are a white (well, Italian) woman who came from a financially comfortable home with both parents present, playing the victim of society in front of the world, and making a PROFIT from it.

It seems you have failed miserably in spreading your words of love and compassion, even to the closest people. The other night, you said in your show:

"you don't have to slice and hate each other anymore."

Well, why can't you convince your team or supporters and fans about it? 

1) Lady Starlight publicly said she hated Madonna, way before Madonna's tour started:

(The video included in the message was of a gay saying "I hate Madonna").

2) Your pal Terry Richardson said "Fuck Madonna":

3) Your partner, DJ White Shadow recently said "Madonna is a fuck".

But that's not the first time he said something negative about her. Months ago, DJ White Shadow called Madonna "old" (lovely message, ageism at its best):

One hour later, probably suffering backlash, he wrote, confirming that he was indeed talking about Madonna:

4) Remember your former creative director, Laurieann Gibson? Look at her reaction when Madonna is mentioned in this video. And yeah, she still worked for you at that time:

It is pretty interesting how everyone around you, in your team, says negative things about Madonna - and they do it very comfortably, at easy. If my boss were so serious about her message of "love and respect" as you supposedly are, I would not go around saying negative things about other people that are associated with you, like your partners do. Isn't that strange? Fishy? 

But it's not only your team that has publicly dissed Madonna in different occasions, your fans have been doing it for years!

Remember the Lady Gaga Project? That website was indeed an anti-Madonna website. Civil rights activists at Chicago's Martin Luther King Jr. library denounced it because of its hateful messages that included racist comments (regarding Madonna's adopted kids and boyfriend), ageist comments, and they even accused Madonna of being a pedophile.

Recently, at the opening ceremony of your Born This Way charityyou talked about how important it is to speak up and intervene when you see bullying happening. But you haven't said a word about the behavior of your fans and collaborators. 

Your fans keep attacking Madonna, Adele, Katy Perry, and every other female that achieves a higher level of success than you in different areas. Your collaborators (as I pointed out) have publicly dissed the artist that you are compared to the most, but you did not intervene. And now you even whine about Madonna stating the obvious through her artistic work?

It's not like Madonna is attacking you out of the blue through petty comments on twitter (like your friends do) or making a speech about it (like you are doing). She is stating the obvious through a song and a video. Don't blame her. Ask any music critic anywhere in the world about it.

How can you even sleep at night? Seriously?

How can you sleep knowing that you are making a mockery of bullying, Lady Gaga?

There are real victims of bullying around. Kids are killing themselves, and you use the frailty of the subject to victimize yourself and make millions of dollars.Does your money help you fall asleep at night?

"To put other people down, or make fun of them, maybe make a mockery of their work. And, that doesn't make me feel good at all."

How is this a mockery of your work?

The video Madonna shows in her show while she sings your her song is a very precise and artistic graphic and musical depiction of your work:

Little monsters being fed prepackaged food that embodies aspects of Madonna and David Bowie.

Madonna's medley (EXPRESS YOURSELF / BORN THIS WAY / SHE'S NOT ME) is not a mockery of your work, it is a statement on what the critics around the world have reported. 

You have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, considering that you have presented yourself like this:

And this:

So STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM and start taking responsibility for your actions.

Your work is heavily inspired by Madonna and Bowie. Stating theOBVIOUS is not bullying, or mockery.

But you already know that. You do it on purpose. You purposely exploit the subject of bullying, you purposely victimize yourself in order to establish rapport with teenagers and make millions from them.

It's sad. With all the money you've made, you cannot drop the mask, stop the play and be honest for one minute. You are disgusting.


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