Madonna visits the sites in Istanbul

 Madonna journeyed through Istanbul with Brahim Zaibat; they did some religious sightseeing with her entourage.

The Material Girl covered up with a sheer black head scarf as she made her way into The Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

She also wore a striped grey and black dress with a long grey cardigan  with a pair of hefty patent leather boots.

The singer completed her look with a pair of dark sunglasses, a black leather handbag which had a chunky silver linked chain for a handle.

  Madonna finished her look with a pair of black fingerless leather gloves.

The couple alongside members of Madonna's entourage also visited the Saint Sophia Museum also known as Hagia Sophia.

Brahim and Madonna were pictured walking hand in hand as they took in the views of the exterior and interior of the breathtaking landmarks.
uk daily mail


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