Madonnas crew booze up but don't pay up?

MADONNA'S tour crew are said to have left a bar owner fuming after allegedly walking away without paying a £1000 bar tab at the weekend.

It's claimed eight of the Material Girl's entourage celebrated her concert in Florence, Italy on Saturday night, with an all-night bender in the city's swanky Flo Lounge Bar.

Their whopping bill was made up of just FIVE bottles of posh £200 vodka.

But after downing the drinks the group are accused of heading for the door without settling up.

Challenged by the bar owner, the unidentified octet are said to have told him that while on tour they did not paid for drinks.

They are then said to have left with the bill still outstanding.

But, undeterred owner Aldo Settembrini is reported to have turned up at their hotel the next morning demanding the cash.

Members of the star's team then scraped together £645 towards the bill - £355 short of the total.

Aldo said: "They told me that they never pay because no one asks them. Maybe that works well elsewhere but certainly not here.

"It's unthinkable that people can leave a bar after drinking that much without paying - especially without us making the decision."

Madonna is also filming the video for her next single Turn Up The Radio while in the celebrated city and has been pictured on set with her backing dancers in an open-top vintage car.

The pop star's team insist an agreement had been made between the management and the bar prior to the boozy session.

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