Nicki Minaj: Madonna smells expensive

Nicki Minaj has joked that Madonna smells of money.

The Queen of Pop planted a kiss on Nicki while celebrating the rapper's 29th birthday earlier this year.

Nicki has described the moment she locked lips with Madonna.

"[It was] mushy. In a very good way. There was a moment in time that froze and then it happened," she explained to BBC's Radio 1.

"It [lasted] about 1.8 seconds," she said, before adding: "Yeah," when asked if she smelt of money.

It was recently reported that Nicki almost fainted after becoming so overwhelmed by the crowds of people turning out to greet her at a London airport.

The star has laughed off the untrue claims.

"I'm gonna hurt these newspaper people!" she exclaimed. "I didn't faint. Why would I faint? You know what, they probably said I felt faint? It was such a shock when I went out, I thought the walls were caving in. I felt at one point I couldn't breathe. It's very intense here. This is one of the most intense places I go."

Nicki takes rumours about her personal life with a pinch of salt. She has joked about the best ones circulating in the press at the moment.

"I'm buying a pink house in London, I fainted the other day and I had a meltdown on twitter," she deadpanned.

Nicki is famed for her eccentric dress sense and extensive collection of brightly-coloured wigs. She has revealed how many hairpieces she travels with.

"Well, we only probably brought about 100 to London, but probably have about a 1,000 at home. I'll bring 100 but wear the same one for four days," she laughed.

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