Madonna: A Singing Agent of Russian Imperialism!

What is behind the dates Madonna chooses for her concerts? Could she have an ulterior motive? In this lampooning of the Polish right – which is apparently hysterical over Madonna's impending arrival in the country for a series of performances – columnist Bartosz Weglarczyk of Poland'sRzeczpospolita offers a humorous history lesson while explaining what the 53-year-old music diva might be up to.

For Rzeczpospolita, Bartosz Weglarczyk starts off this way:

A sizable chunk of the political right is protesting Madonna's concert on August 1, from Solidarni 2010 to Law and Justice Party representative Artur Górski. I would like to throw my support behind them, as I suspect that the pop singer is working on orders from the Kremlin!

There is nothing coincidental about the dates Madonna chooses her concerts. In Warsaw, she wants to mock the memory of the insurgents of the Warsaw Uprising, but this is just one more step on her trail of ignominy. Madonna began the European leg of her tour in Turkey on June 7th, the day every Muslim mourns the anniversary of the siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade in 1099!

On June 14, Madonna sang in Milan. This is the day Italians remember Napoleon's Victory of Marengo in 1800, which opened the way to his conquest of Italy. On June 14 every inhabitant of Milan is lost in mournful reverie, so aren't likely to want to listen toVogue!

Then on June 24, the singer offended the Portuguese by performing on the anniversary of the Battle of Sao Mamede, a key event in the creation of the Kingdom of Portugal. This insult should make Representative Górski especially indignant, as he was once the leader of the club of Polish monarchists in the Parliament. [Górski led an effort to have Jesus Christ declared honorary 'King' of Poland].