MDNA Concert Review from Sweden

By Dirk for Madonnasworld.com
Ultimate Concert Experience live from Gothenburg in Sweden : the ultimate MDNA Midsummer Experience !
The Gothenburg concert of the MDNA Tour was promised as one of Madonna's Midsummer concerts this year and what a concert it was ! Really amazing to see the show from row 1 when there's still broad daylight when Madonna was performing Girl Gone Wild, Revolver, Gang Bang and the rest of the fantastic setlist.
In the afternoon, the band played a lot of times Beautiful Killer.  After that, Madonna did her soundcheck which we attend, of course she played the MDNA tour anthem song Turn Up The Radio and someone of her crew onstage even invited her to sing a birthday song with a vocoder microphone for her dancer Alessandro.  Madonna was always shouting 'I need security, I need security'.  The pre-program with Martin Solveig starting at 8.30PM was also special with Martin wearing a hair band to refer to his video and of course the Bjorn Borg champions in beautiful Sweden.  He also told his favourite Swedish singer is Lykke Li. 
Due to broad daylight, Madonna only started at 10.30PM.  Guy Oseary was taking pictures of his artist from the Golden Triangle.  What's Up Sweden, Madonna said, and she was gone for a fantastic show.  She explained the meaning of Sagarro Jo, which means literally smashing apples but has the meaning of smashing prejudices.  During the show, she referred to the full moon from onstage. 
The pull-down of the stage was spectacular to see (even on pictures), and the morning after Madonna was all over the newspaper.
This was definitely The Ultimate Concert Experience, and MDNA is really becoming Madonna's favourite and best tour ever !
Next stop are the 2 weekend shows in Amsterdam, where Ultimate Concert Experience will also report from with pictures.
The really amazing Gothenburg pictures are into selection and will certainly be send as soon as possible.


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