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Madonna the Majorette (Philly 8-28)

Madonna press

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NY TIMES ... 4 stars!

From The New York Times:

Pop Queen Flaunts Her Toned Maturity

Madonna's MDNA tour started its North American itinerary with an arena concert
at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Tuesday night.



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Photos from Philly

More to come, please stand by for my most favorite photos from lasts night show!


Madonna's tour manifesto

Madonna is defending her "MDNA" tour in a new "manifesto."

The pop star's latest dates have turned heads across the world with
their gun and swastika iconography as well as her statements in
support of jailed Russian punk band Pussy Riot and the LBGT community,
among others. "My show is a journey," she begins in the free
verse-style note, released to Billboard.com, which explains the use of
fake guns "as metaphors." "When you watch a film there are usually
good guys and bad guys to help illustrate this point," she writes.
"Sometimes I play both."

Read Madonna's full letter

"My show
Is a journey
The journey of a soul from darkness to light
It is part cinematic musical theatre.
Part spectacle and sometimes intimate Performance art.

But above all its a journey
From darkness to light
From anger to love
from chaos to order.

It's true there is a lot of violence in the beginning of the show and
sometimes the use of fake guns - but they are used as metaphors.
I do not condone violence or the use of guns.
Rather they are symbols of wanting to appear strong and wanting to
find a way to stop feelings that I find hurtful or damaging. In my
case its wanting to stop the lies and hypocrisy of the church, the
intolerance of many narrow minded cultures and societies I have
experienced throughout my life and in some cases the pain I have felt
from having my heart broken.

Ultimately as we follow through the journey of my story, the
audience can see quite clearly what I see - That the enemy is within
and the only way to survive Disappointment Disapproval Judgment
Heartbreak Jealousy Envy And Hatred Is with Love - not with revenge -
not with guns and not with violence.

In spite of all the chaos and darkness and intolerance we seem to be
encountering more and more in the world, We cannot allow our anger or
bitterness to swallow us up.
We come to understand that
There is an innate and pure love inside us all and we have to find a
way to tap into it.

And we can't do it by being victims or placing the blame or pointing
the finger at others.
But by recognizing that the enemy is within And when we come to terms
with it And accept it And struggle to change ourselves, Then we can
change the world without hurting anyone and we can inspire others to
do the same.

When you watch a film there are usually good guys and bad guys to help
illustrate this point, Sometimes I play both.
I enjoy acting out this journey.
For none of us are perfect and we all have our own journey of growth to go on.

I know people can relate to it.
It's very important to me as an artist that my show not be taken out
of context.

It must be watched with an open heart from beginning to end. I am sure
if it is viewed this way, the viewer will walk away feeling inspired,
Invigorated and will want to make the world a better place.

And this of course was always my intention.

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Madonna: 'I can't leave my kids' (HeraldSun Article)


Madonna: 'I can't leave my kids'

From: HeraldSun
Mon Aug 27 09:52:12 EST 2012
MADONNA has finally revealed why she scrapped the Australian leg of
her world tour - twice - to stay at home with the kids.
Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser:

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ICON contest for Philly Pit Passes

Golden Triangle Contest - Philadelphia
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