Writer attacks madonna donation choices

My reply to this writer, who has consistently written these same attack pieces, year after year :


9/30/12 1:00am
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Unless you disclose what you gave to charity last year, you have no right to talk about what other people give or don't give. It's pretty petty of you, be a man already and stop trying to shed madonna as a bad person, it only makes you look weak, and her stronger.


Madonna is still the Queen of Pop After all these years

Pop megastar Madonna spoke on a panel of musicians at a conference in 1984 about the importance of staying up with the times, specifically with the then new art form of music videos.

In response, John Oates of Hall & Oates said he resented the fact that an aspiring musician/songwriter had to worry about being an actor now.

Madonna was unsympathetic: "When you're on stage, you're acting. That's a performance. So what's the difference?"

That all-encompassing viewpoint is why she is the Queen of Pop. Madonna brings her "MDNA" tour to KeyArena Thursday and Friday. The New York Times called it an "extravaganza," counting tightropes, stripteases and a (virtual) blood bath among its delights.

Perhaps overcompensating for not having a very good singing voice, Madonna has used every bit of camera attention she's gotten since the 1980s to her advantage. She quickly acted in movies, and continues to act and direct (most recently directing the feature film "W.E." in 2011). All the while, she courted controversy in the name of freedom, with her risque "Sex" coffee table book, with her antagonistic relationship with the Catholic Church and by adopting an African baby. Most recently, she stood up to the Russian government and publicly defended jailed punk rockers Pussy Riot on stage.

She was and always is pushing her brand (her name and personality) into new media, never letting music just be music. That blitz strategy and the soundtrack to it all, teenage dance jams mixed with adult themes — the essence of rock 'n' roll — make her a grandmother figure to Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, M.I.A. and Britney Spears, the current fleet dominating pop music.

When we talk about sexy stuff and film/music pieces of the 1980s and '90s, Prince and Michael Jackson are the big names. But Madonna did what they did with the stigma of being female, which meant she was supposed to play nice. She never did.

Her new album "MDNA" finds the 53-year-old still not playing nice. But she's also not dictating musical trends anymore. The music channels the body-slam bass and face-slapping snare drums of today's club scene, which revolves around the drug Ecstasy (scientific name MDMA). The album is so-so. But her lyrics are good ("I tried to be your wife / diminish myself / and swallow my life") and her live performances are reportedly great.

And they better be. Because tickets aren't cheap. And her music doesn't seem to be improving. And household name songwriters like Hall & Oates aren't coming back in vogue. Can you name the people in Stargate, a team which makes songs for Beyoncé? Not likely.

Now we don't know songwriters' names. We have pop stars. And they have arena shows.

And Madonna, since she's the Queen, ought to have the best one.

Madonna plays at 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday at KeyArena, 305 Harrison Street; $45-355 (1-800-745-3000, www.keyarena.com).


Penny Marshall brought Madonna & Rosie together

Director Penny Marshall teamed Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell up on the set of baseball movie "A League of Their Own" because she thought the pop star could help keep the actress trim and in shape.

Madonna and O'Donnell became best friends while making the 1992 film and they have their director to thank – because Marshall figured Ro and Mo, as she called them, would be a good influence on each other.

Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell on the set of O'Donnell's talk show in 1998.

The filmmaker recalls, "I said, 'Mo, you keep food out of Rosie's mouth and Rosie, you teach her how to play ball'."

Marshall also told Madonna to relax her workout regime on set – because she was too ripped.

She adds, "She was in great shape and she came with a trainer and I said, 'You've gotta stop; your arms shouldn't be this cut in 1943… They (women) didn't work out that much.



nothing fails demo SILLY THING

By Guy Sigsworth

This is the work-in-progress demo of a song I originally wrote with Jem, and which later became "Nothing Fails", co-written and recorded by Madonna. It's over ten years old, it's just a demo etc etc etc.

Madonna attends Kabbalah Services

On the eve of Yom Kippor


MDNA TOUR POSTER original shot


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Twitter Latest tweet: Madonna MDNA Tour Atlantic City OYH, Holiday, Speech: http://t.co/0aJ0qsE3 via @youtube by Amberflynn thanks to @amberflynnicon
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Madonna MDNA Tour Atlantic City OYH, Holiday, Speech

by amberflynn thanks to amber for this footage

Madonna for Obama

The new Facebook page raising awareness about how important it is to vote this election for OBAMA! LINK


Second Night at Yankee Stadium (video) Speech

shot by Amberflynn Special Thanks to Amber for this footage

Chicago Opening Night Speech

shot by Amberflynn special thanks to Amber for this footage

Opening Night Yankee Stadium Soundcheck

shot by Amberflynn special thanks to Amber for this footage

Opening Night Yankee Stadium Speech (video)

Shot by amberflynnspecial thanks to Amber for this footage

Turn up the Radio Rehersal in D.C. opening night

by Michelle Ruiz

Chicago Review of MDNA tour Inside the paper (Chicago Sun times)


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New Madonna Tote bag by Truth or Dare

Perfect! I needed a new one cause my other TorD bag ripped :(


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Madonna inside the new issue of Elle Magazine

u.s. edition / october
My style inspiration is Madonna in the famous Amy Arbus photo of the early 80s in which the soon to be material girl wears a boxy, gently worn men's coat with slopping shoulders, likely a thrift-store fine, while staring brazenly at the camera, as though with a sense of her own destiny.  She has paired the massive coat, her outfits piece de resistance, with cropped white pants and  ladylike accessories: anklets, pointy toe flats, a bowling bag and a scarf wound around her neck with artful insouciance.  
still no matter white lies beneath , I  know I'll look chic.  Because in the end, as Madonna proves, its all about the coat, and the confidence it takes to wear it.

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Madonna in D.C. by Tony Cruz

Thanks tony for the pix 


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Philadelphia Show... Robert & Guy Oseary, Robert & Chaz Dean (Wen Hair Care)

from the opening night show in Philly
Photos from Robert Overton


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Another reason why you should vote Obama

She said last night that if he wins the election, she will show her entire ass on stage! Lol (Chicago, second night), Finally a Valid issue why we should all vote!

I sang with madonna !

She handed me her mike during like a prayer, I sang an entire verse!she came down on her knees for me , thank u madonna , I'll cherish it forever xx


Madonna merchandise from mdna tour

My favorite Is the no. Poster for VIPs . Special thanks to my friends Glenn and joey for this one in a lifetime experience, I truly felt like a VIP tonight.

Mdna tour drumsticks!

Thanks to a beautiful stranger, tonight's show in Atlantic city was beyond amazing