DJ Boys Noize calls Madonna old

The German DJ/producer Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize on Madonna

A couple of months ago Madonna stirred up a lot of controversy when she came onstage at Ultra and made a reference to molly. There were a lot of people in the dance-music world who acted offended that someone was talking about drugs in a dance-music environment, which is kind of ridiculous. And you have this song "XTC."

Well, yeah, first of all I thought the Madonna thing was so lame. She's just so old, and it's so lame that a 50-year-old is talking about molly. The "XTC" track just came along after . . . in the last year I've really noticed that there's been a big change with the whole EDM thing. The festivals that I've played here in the U.S., I've really noticed a lot of kids take way more drugs than just two, three years ago. When I had my first shows in the U.S. I always played more, like, indie kind of clubs and there were a lot of indie people and there were no drugs at all for years. And then suddenly with dance music blowing up here . . . obviously dance music has always been together with drugs. Generally music's always been together with drugs! [laughs] So that's how I think I got my idea for the song and the lyrics. It's not a song where it says you should take ecstasy . . . actually, the lyrics at the end do. [laughs]