Madonna sports her very own Tour Jacket

When you simply go by the name Madonna, there's no chance of getting stuck in tedious traffic with the commoners.

The pop superstar makes sure of that by taking a reliable yet extravagant mode of transport to her various gigs as he demonstrated on Sunday.

The 54-year-old was in Brazil - where she has a string of concerts taking place in the next few days - and opted to ride a helicopter to her concert venue in Rio de Janeiro

.Hard working Madonna clearly didn't want to take any chances with getting trapped amongst cars on the road and risk arriving late for her performance, so she decided to fly instead of driving.

She could be seen getting out of a car and making her way across a lawn to the aircraft which would transport her to the destination in hardly any time at all.

Madonna wore the casual attire of a hooded tracksuit top and jogging bottoms with the number 86 emblazoned across one leg.

She donned a cap underneath that and wore flip flops and a red bag across her body for the journey with crew.

It seemed almost every member of the group was eager to conceal their identity by placing dark sunglasses on their face.

The previous day she covered herself up almost completely as she enjoyed family time time by at her hotel in Rio where she's set to perform on Sunday night as part of her MDNA tour.

Wearing joggers, a T-shirt featuring black and white polaroid snaps (that hopefully weren't of herself), a large warm looking cardigan and a sun-hat; Madonna was as protected from harmful rays as you can get.

The mother-of-four didn't forget her bug like sunglasses, either, meaning her face was particularly safe.

Of course, you don't get to remain youthful like the queen of pop by sitting in the sun so there is tried and tested method in this apparent madness.