Madonna Complains Her 'Life Is Boring' After Giving Up Alcohol For MDNA Tour

Madonna Complains Her 'Life Is Boring' After Giving Up Alcohol For MDNA Tour

Well six months is a long time...Queen of Pop Madonna has revealed she has successfully given up alcohol in a bid to stay in shape for her mammoth MDNA tour, but admits that the sacrifice has made her life "boring."

The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer kicked off the tour to promote her latest album MDNA in May this year, and has seen travel to the United Arab Emirates, Europe and North and South America.

It seems that Madonna has been forced to find new hobbies to occupy her downtime during the mammoth trek, as she quit alcohol at the start of the tour to ensure she was able to give her best performance.

"Since my tour started I haven't had one drink, absolutely nothing. My life is so boring right now. I might have one when I get to Brazil though," Madonna told Brazilian TV show Caldeirao do Huck.

It seems Madge didn't need any dutch courage for her steamy shows, which have seen the 54-year-old stut and gyrate across the stage in lingerie, simulating sex acts on her backing dancers and even whipping out her boobs on more than one occassion.

During one of her shows at New York's Madison Square Garden, Madonna even brought her eldest son Rocco out on stage just moments after performing lewd sex acts on her pianist.

Madonna's tour is set to end on December 22, with the final show taking place in Cordoba, Argentina.

No doubt this has been a memorable tour!


‘Madonna never has a cheat day, she’s an athlete’

Personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer reveals the MDNA singer's strict fitness regime and how she stays in such good shape exclusively to Yahoo! Lifestyle

Madonna has always been in tip-top shape, but it was the seriously-toned figure she revealed on her MDNA tour that proved she has a body to rival most twentysomethings.

The 54-year-old's lean and muscular figure was as documented as the racy show itself, with talk of her toned biceps and killer thighs raking up the column inches.

So just how does Madonna manage to stay in such great shape, when she has a family and a non-stop music career to boot? We spoke exclusively to the star's acclaimed personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, to find out…

Madonna's personal trainer told us the star never has a cheat day © GettyNicole has worked for the Material Girl since the singer allegedly sacked Tracy Anderson back in 2009.

Speaking about the Queen of Pop's training regime, Nicole admitted there's no hard and fast way to get her figure – it's all down to hard-work.

"There's no secret, there's no magic pills - besides me!", she told us.

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"We work, we commit, she commits, to her body.

"Fitness is a lifestyle and [Madonna] is committed to being in shape and taking care of her body."

But how does Nicole get Madge to work out when she's been performing all day, running around after her kids and just dying to get into her PJs?

"Yeah, that's my biggest challenge," Nicole said. "How to motivate and how to keep somebody inspired."

Nicole Winhoffer was Madonna's backing dancer before becoming her trainer © Aim PublicityNicole tells us the secret to staying motivated – working out when you really don't feel like it - is to change up your workouts and keep them fresh. As a result, she changes her workout routines with Madonna every week.

"I'm always researching what's new, what's hot, and I incorporate my own way of using all the different kinds of [fitness routines] into the room," she explained.

"Your body always has to be guessing, you have to change your workout, otherwise you can't see results."

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Nicole is also a firm believer in hard work, saying there's no room for breaks or a time-out when you're training with her and Madonna.

"It's efficiency - there's no stopping," she said.

"You're going to see on the Addicted to Sweat DVD (a range of workout DVDs she's releasing in collaboration with Madge) that I choreographed each move, each exercise, back to back to music."

Nicole has been Madonna's trainer since 2009 © Aim PublicityBut what about those – who don't have trainers to motivate them - who find it time to fit in a workout?

Nicole said you only need an hour a day – and it's important to make the time.

"Taking one hour a day to commit to your body in turn gives you back so much more," she said.

"No-one ever regrets a workout."

And she believes the most effective way to exercise for an hour a day is to combine strength training and cardio.

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"Both are essential," she explained.

"You need to keep your muscles toned and you need to keep your muscles alert and always guessing and so that's when the toning comes into play.

 "Then, for your heart and your cardio which burns the fat, you want to make sure that you're always doing a bit of exercise in compliment to the muscle toning."

Nicole also revealed her attitude to her diet, which is essential for peak fitness.

"Food is energy," she said. "If you look at food as fuel and not emotion, you give it what it needs.

"If it's craving some sugar, opt to have fruit instead of a candy bar. So it's just about being smart about your calories and understanding what your body needs."

Madonna is insecure about her thighs according to reports © Getty Nicole told us Madonna has a very strict attitude to her diet, insisting she doesn't have 'cheat days' like the rest of us.

"She's really healthy and she looks at food as energy. She's an athlete." she said.

Nicole on the other hand allows herself the odd indulgence if she's been working out a lot.

"I'm a big sucker for French baguettes!" she reveals.

Nicole Winhoffer's debut fitness DVD Addicted to Sweat is released on December 3rd.

source: YAHOO.com

JPG Exhibit coming to Brooklyn museum

Dozens of Madonnas iconic outfits will be on display at the Brooklyn
Museum as a part of the The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From
the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibit .
The exhibit, which runs from Oct. 25, 2013 to Feb. 23, 2014, will
feature over 140 of JPG's couture and ready to wear designs, complete
with animated mannequins and a simulated catwalk.


Lucky Star Synths

Lucky Star Synths

Naked inside Macys stores now

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thanks to jeremy

With bidders in person at Christies London, over the phone, and online, BOTH of these went to high bidders in the auction room!

Blond Ambition Hanky Panky outfit - 26,000 pounds ($41,690)

Blond Ambition Vogue outfit - 13,000 pounds ($20,845)  (too bad they didn't have the belt!!)

Worth noting - neither of Britney's costumes went above 800 pounds ; )



madonna live in Mexico Photos

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Mexican News

Mexican newspapers today 26 Nov 2012.
Reforma, Metro, El Universal.
New MDNA México photos coming up....
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Madonna performs in mexico -mexican news scans

Mexican newspaper "Reforma"(1,2), "Excelsior" (4,5), "El Universal (6,7), "Milenio" (8,9). 25 Nov 2012.  
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