Madonnas backstage demands

Madonna stunned concert organizers in Ireland with her backstage demands which, according to sources, included a request for 25 cases of Kabbalah water. The one-time Material Girl refuses to drink anything but the water sold by the trendy religious movement, which some have called a cult.

"That's a lot of water for a one-day concert," says a source. "I've heard some Kabbalah followers bathe in Kabbalah water."

But cult expert and Kabbalah critic Rick Ross tells The Scoop he doesn't think that Madonna has taken to washing up in the pricey water.

"Madonna has taken to pushing Kabbalah on anyone within shouting distance," says Ross. "She's been trying to convert everyone who works on the concert [there are more than 100], and that includes making them pray, giving Kabbalah courses as presents, and no doubt, pumping Kabbalah water down their throats. People working on concerts go through a lot of water, and it's the only drink that she'll touch."

Madonna's list of backstage demands also includes vodka, but insiders say that's to remove stains from her outfits.