Mdna tour DVD details revealed


- MDNA tour DVD/Blu Ray still set for a May release
- the DVD will have a conematic style to it, similar to the Confessions Tour
- a new editing technique is behind used which has never been used before
- Madonna wants the DVD to have a realmmovie like effect, so many songs are heavily cut, reducing the runnin time to about 100 minutes. According to sources, Madonna's speech has been cut completely
- audience shots were reduced to a minimum, with the audio also masking out most of the audienc noise

- on another note, the Queen of Pop is already working on new songs for a new album and also a collection of unreleased remixes, to be out soon.
Does this mean "Veronica Electronics" will finally see the light of the day? LOL
- we are also getting the so talked about Secret Project.

Source: Metro UK