Shame on Joyce Banda

Shame on Malawi's president, Joyce Banda.

While madonna is busy building schools, an orphan care center,
providing food, medical care and schooling to 32,000 orphaned
children, supplying academic scholarships for elementary, primary,
high school and university level education, and creating sustainable,
fully self-sufficient villages. Joyce Banda is busy building walls and
spewing lies.

Madonna, above all else deserves a thank you from the Malawian
president. But she doesn't need it. I'm sure with all the smiles on
the children's faces that she's seen on her most recent trip to
Malawi, it must have made all her efforts till now more than worth it.

People see things from their perspective alone. We don't know what is
really happening behind the scenes, and yet we make assumptions, jump
on the bandwagon and will not ask the right questions and investigate.

Moral of this story
Embrace philanthropic efforts and encourage others to do the same.
Get the facts, don't judge on baseless opinions.