Madonna attends Stellas Annual Fashion Show

Madonna Made a Surprise Showing at Stella McCartney's Rainy Resort Presentation

Her face shielded with giant Robocop sunglasses, Madonna ducked in at the end of last night's Stella McCartney resort presentation just after the models had changed out of the designer's ruffled mullet dresses and marigold snakeskin-print coats. She picked her way through the rain-soaked crowd, huddling under tents in Patchin Place, a tiny cobblestone alley in the West Village that had been fitted with risers for the models and a hot pink replica of McCartney's late mother's 1970 Morris Mini, complete with a record player in the back.

After swilling a martini with McCartney while the other guests casually stalked her, Madonna went over and futzed with the Mini's sound system. It was unclear whether she actually managed to change the song, but suddenly Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" came on and Frankie Rayder, Liv Tyler, and Stella McCartney all shouted along. It was an appropriately surreal close to the evening, which the Cut spent chatting about resortwear and Hillary Clinton's new Twitter account with guests like Amy Poehler, Naomi Watts, and a paisley-poncho-ed Steven Tyler (yes, models still love him), over rose-flavored Popsicles in the rain.

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