Madonnas NYC Premiere of the MDNA Tour in Review

Dear Readers,
I want to start by appologizing for my delay in writing a review of this experience. It was mostly due to the fact that I was on vacation and spent my time at a beach without access to a computer for as long as possible . Who can blame me? Now that I am back, Madonnasworld.com will be updated much more often and I apprecaite your willinginess to be patient. As always, I look forward to hearing from you so, feel free to leave comments or submit your own reviews to me at madonnasworld@gmail.com and I will get them published for you!

Now on to the inside-story (all photos marked madonnasworld.com are by JeannieBuxo).

The premiere  took place at one of the most legendary movie theaters in NYC, the Paris. One of the few that still remain, next door to Bergdorf Goodman's and across the street from the iconic Plaza Hotel and Central Park.

MDNA fans from all over the world,  descended upon this night to celebrate with Madonna and witness the final chapter in her greatest achievement to date. Her 2012 MDNA World Tour. She would be present, but what she would do was anyone's guess. This is always half the fun. The other half is  being able to reunite with other  Hard-core fans .  Its become a ritual to come together at Madonna parties and celebrate M's career.   Anticipation of seeing Madonna is like seeing her for the first time. No one can explain this phenomena . Nevertheless, it keeps us young at heart and our love for Madonna in turn, gives her motivation to continue on and challenge herself to create more and more.
 ~ Ally & Nina from Germany.

Finally, the moment had arrived when we, were being brought inside to our seats. The first two rows of the theater were marked 'Fan Reserve' on pink paper. We made our way to our prime front row center seats with giddiness. The other seats behind Reserved for guests by their names. Including Madonnas chair, simply marked ' M'.
As excitement kept building inside the theater,
Madonnas manager entered the room and posed with fans. (guy with Stephanie from Canada)

 Then an event organizer handed out pre-made questions that fans could ask Madonna after the screening, to each one of us sitting in the first two rows as well as fans in the balcony level. I loved the question that they gave me and knew that Madonna would like it. However, I wish that if I had opportunity to do it again, I would have asked why did she include "Born this Way" on the tour. I think that would have been a great one. But as is the case, whenever I have a chance to ask Madonna a question, my mind goes utterly blank. So I was really relieved that they made this for us so I couldn't mess it up. All I had to do was read from it, if my mind couldn't remember what to say.  I didn't want to chance her leaving early and not getting a turn so I made sure that Madonna knew I was willing to speak so I raised my arm and she smiled, pointed at me and said yes, go ahead.

--Click here to see Madonna's response--
My friend David and Marta and I posing in front of the big screen before the film began

 madonna cabs invade nyc

Matt, Rob and Gary stop to take a photo of the passing Madonna EPIX cabs!

 MDNA tour dancer Andrew Boyce, striking a pose with fan, Marta.
Special guests and family arriving to see the film with Madonna, her daughter Lourdes and Kelly Osbourne.
After Madonna was finished setting the red carpet ablaze, she made her way towards her seat. 
Taking our breath away, she brought back her Marlene Dietrich inspired outfit a Tux, Top hat & White Rose . Reminiscent  of 1993 during her Girlie Show era, and her 'Bye Bye Baby' Performance.
She wore it again that evening, in honor of Marlene because she had opened the Paris Theatre back in the 40s.

She was sitting towards the back of the theatre floor, with her entourage in tow. 
not before stopping to say hello to all her friends that made it to attend her premiere.

The film itself was pretty amazing. It was edited to include many different shows , not just Miami. There were clips from France, L'Olympia, Finland and photos by Steven Klein during LOVE SPENT that were included from NY.  It captures the visual beauty of such a grand production. My personal favorites of the show were Girl Gone Wild, Express Yourself and Like a Prayer. The editing also really brings you back to the pit experience as well with many camera angles shot from the pit.   I got to see myself and many of my friends featured in it as well. I never thought that going to Miami on the finally night would have been so rewarding. My dream was to one day be in one of her concerts and it has finally come true.  Luckily things have a way of working out if you  really want them to .

After the film finished, I caught this photo of Madonna leaving her seat to make her way to the back stage door where she would then take to the stage after a procession of a military styled marching band. Very much along the lines of the concerts performance for ''Give Me All Your Luvin.''

Madonna finally took to the stage and sat in her 'director's chair' to take questions from her fans.

She looked absolutely radiant as my photos show . Her eyes was really spectacular and stood out for me as always.
Madonna was very gracious and kind and immediately acknowledged all of her fans in the front rows. Her answers were as usual, witty and funny and detailed (video of entire q&a to be posted here very soon). She finished her Q&A by proudly introducing the official 1 minute trailer to her next big project the ''Secret project''. A collaboration with her co-conspirator for over 10 years, Steven Klein.  We didn't want her to leave but she stuck around just long enough to see our reaction before making her way to celebrate at her  after-party, at Harlow. .

My friends David M & David B happily showing off their special screening TICKET to the premiere of the MDNA tour.

It truly was the best Madonna event. Thank you to Madonna for being our source of inspiration and to Icon , Epix & Madonnas' Team for  putting it all together.