Visit Lucky Records, when in Paris!

While in Paris, I always make a trip to my favorite shop in the world, Lucky Records.  

Its owners, including Maurice, are by far some of the most knowledgeable in Madonna collecting have amast a wide variety of Madonna memorabilia that you won't find anywhere else in the world for sale.
(Owners of lucky records, and me in the middle)
From magazines, calendars, posters, picture discs, vinyls and CDs, there's something for everyone.  They also carry a wide variety of major French artists, including Myéline  Farmer, Johnny Halliday, and more obscure french artists as well.  But they specialize mainly in Madonna.   If you haven't made the trip yet, here are some photos to give you an idea if what you'll find.
(Inside the shop, the front counter is covered in their magazine, Spotlight, that they produce, including my Madonna cover, featuring some of my photos from the sticky and sweet tour on the bottom first left)
Their prices vary depending on the rarity of the item,but  they do carry really great deals if you look close enough.  For example the new SUPERSTAR promo cd from Brazil was marked at just 20 euros!
Recently Warner Bros. awarded its owners with a one of kind American Life plaque, for their devotion to promoting Madonna for so many years. (Photo below) 

   Lucky records is, a short walk away from the Hotel De Ville metro station.