Madonna plays paintball for Rocco's Birthday!

Shortly before proceedings got underway dancer Brahmin was spotted grinning from ear to ear, while Lourdes looked a little concerned about what was to come as they waited in line. 

Meanwhile Rocco - Madonna's son with ex-husband Guy Richie - threw himself into his birthday treat with gusto and looked like something of a pro as he expertly trained his paintballing gun at members of his immediate family. 

But while the day was all about Rocco, Madonna’s grills inevitably caught the eye whenever she raised her mask. 

Indeed the gold accessory was hard to miss – not that the hit-maker minded, having previously shown them off to fans with a string of shots on picture messaging service Instagram. 

As the day wore on Madonna was seen sharing a tender moment with David – the child she adopted from an orphanage in Malawi in 2006.