Lazy Nypost trashes Madonnas SecretProject film

Nypost writer , Kyle Smith, was too lazy to get the names right of the
guests that surrounded madonna in the captioned photo, from his review
, titled "Borderline Intolerable." He identified Marvin as Chaz and
the director of the film, Steven Klein as Marvin Gofin. So right away
I knew that this so called "review" was going to be questionable. He
embarrassed himself further when he called "the Secret Project" worse
than shanghai surprise.

And he gave it "Zero" stars. I don't come to expect anything less from
a murdoch trash rag such as the nypost with a political agenda, to
please its republican backers. it never lets the readers decide , or
come to their on conclusion based on a balanced report , or what to think, instead they will offer up
only offer up their twisted point of view and force it upon its brainwashed
puppet readers.
Sorry I had to call it as I see it. It's a fact that this paper has
never had one good thing to say about madonna, and it's a shame that
they don't agree with her. This is the exact reason why we need this
movement. Wake people up and start asking questions and stop letting
the system tell you what is right and wrong or sway you with their
inaccuracies instead of the hard facts.
Facts, like Madonna is a 1 woman trailblazer that won't let anyone or
anything stand in her way to get her positive messages across. For 30
years, you would know this, if you listen. And if you have the courage
to stand up to injustice, then you will be every inspired by this
short film.

Jeannie Buxo.