Madonna is one of the Industry's Top 25 Art Collectors

Pop singer

She may have gotten her start traipsing the art underground, arm-in-arm with Basquiat, but her art collection began on a highbrow note: In 1987, she shelled out nearly $1 million for Fernand Leger'sLes Deux Bicyclettes.

Since then, she has acquired more than 300 works, drawing from Modern masters -- Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Maxfield Parrish -- and the occasional contemporary one, a la Hirst. Fellow chameleon Frida Kahlo is a favorite, as is sultry portraitist Tamara de Lempicka. In 2000, Madonna paid $4.7 million for Pablo Picasso's Buste de Femme a la Frange, contributing to a 2008 appraisal of her collection of more than $100 million.

In May 2013, she put up one of her Legers -- the 1921 Trois Femmes a la Table Rouge, picked up at Sotheby's for $3.4 million in 1990 -- for auction, pledging that profits would go toward girls education in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It went for $7.2 million.

On M.I.A.'s new album she mentions Madonna and the Superbowl incident

Elsewhere, a 75-second track called Boom Skit appears to suggest that the incident in which Arulpragasm was sued by the organizers of Superbowl for raising her middle finger to the camera during her half-time appearance was in fact part of a complicated and possibly racist plot by The Man to ensure that Arulpragasm didn't challenge Madonna's position as the pre-eminent female pop star of her era. "We let you into Superbowl, you try to steal Madonna's crown," she sings. Perhaps it was – The Man moves in mysterious ways – but , with the best will in the world, you'd think he might have better things to do with his time than ensuring Madonna's position as the pre-eminent female pop star of her era is maintained.


Richard Corman releases Madonna book (11/30)

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Madonna NYC 83 celebrates a moment in early 1980s New York that has been increasingly reappraised in recent years for its fecund interactions and overlaps between the worlds of fashion, art and music. Coming in the wake of punk and new wave, this economically fragile period gave rise to a vital, edgy restlessness in the city, spawning adventurous personal styles and music that merged rap, funk, punk and pop. Madonna represented this sensibility like no-one else. As this book makes amply clear, from the start she was determined to define a look for herself, and to carve out a space in the public imagination. After her countless subsequent incarnations over the past three decades, it is extraordinary to revisit these early years. Richard Corman met Madonna by chance in 1983 and created a bountiful collection of images that constitute a multifaceted portrait of the young Madonna and a New York that remains timelessly inspiring and significant. Madonna NYC 83 is not only an homage to Madonna and the early 80s, but also a collage of exuberance, humor, fashion, sexiness and performance. The book is designed by Yolande Cuomo Design.As a portrait photographer, Richard Corman has worked with subjects ranging from Nobel Peace Prize recipients (Nelson Mandela, James Dewey Watson) to actors (Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Al Pacino), athletes (Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Muhammad Ali) and musicians of our time (Sting, Wynton Marsalis). A native New Yorker, Corman studied at Hunter College, later spending two years apprenticing with Richard Avedon in the early 1980s.

Madonna attends Drake Concert last night

from madonnas instagram;
Taking a break with Drake as he lands his bad ass Space ship in the BK!


Madonna; Nature is Art

The sky I saw this evening. Nature is Art. We need both to survive. Let's keep both alive. Take care of our planet. It's the only home we have. Encourage artistic expression. This is our future. The Revolution of Love is our only hope for survival. #artforfreedom.com (From Madonnas's Instagram)

Jean Paul Gaultier Interview - Jean Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum - ELLE

What about Madonna?
That was a real collaboration. It was the most incredible collaboration I've had. One year ago I did the last tour again for Madonna, I did one outfit especially for her—there is a sketch of it in the show. Beth Ditto I love, Catherine Deneuve, Mylène Farmer, and Dita Von Teese.


NYC Madonnathon photos are now up!

Dear Madonna Fans, thank you for coming to our huge MDNAthon Celebrating the most exciting Madonna release ever, the MDNA TOUR on DVD!
I hope you enjoy the photos, more coming soon along with video too!
or directly to the party page

Special thanks to Amberflynn of www.MadonnaforInspiration.com for collaborating on our parties and for editing the photos!!

Dangerous Game special screening in Brooklyn Nov 6

 Part of BAMcinématek

For the first time, BAMcinématek hosts critics Nick Pinkerton and Nicolas Rapold's peripatetic series of unsung cinematic gems with two tales of obsessive artists on the brink. The evening screenings will be introduced by Pinkerton and Rapold. 

Wed, Nov 6, 2013
  • 7pm
Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
RUN TIME: 108min
FORMAT: 35mm
BAM CINEMA CLUB MEMBERS: $8 (Movie Moguls free)
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 (29 and under with a valid ID, Mon—Thu)
+  Intro by critics Nick Pinkerton and Nicolas Rapold at 7pm
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) is a multi-arts center located in Brooklyn, New York.  For more than 150 years, BAM has been the home for adventurous artists, audiences, and ideas—engaging both global and local communities. With world-renowned programming in theater, dance, music, opera, film, and much more, BAM showcases the work of emerging artists and innovative modern masters.



Outtake from Bazaar Magazine

thanks to madonnarama.com

Inside Madonnas Workout in Berlin


Brahim promotes LG CELL Phone

Vanilla Ice Spills about dating Madonna

The pop Queen made the strange move to avoid being spotted rather than for any kinky dress up games, the rapper has revealed
OAP disguise: Madonna dated Vanilla Ice in the 90s OAP disguise: Madonna dated Vanilla Ice in the 90s

Madonna disguised ­herself as an OAP during dates with Vanilla Ice, the rapper has revealed.

The pop Queen made the strange move to avoid being spotted rather than for any kinky dress up games, the Sunday People reported.

Rapper Ice, 45, recalled his bizarre adventures with the singer during their hey day of dating in 1991.

Ice, talking while promoting a new reality show Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, said: " She was a sweetheart,

"We had great times. You take away the fame and everything and you got two people who just basically had a normal relationship. And I wish I could tell you more about it and throw some fireworks in there or something but it was kinda cool.

"Like, we would go to movies. We had disguises. I had a moustache and a hat

with hair coming down and she would go as an old lady.

"And we would walk in and the bodyguards would like 20 feet behind. y'know, kinda lookin' just like we're nobody. And just walk in and go and see our movie and just have a good, normal... we'd do dinner that way and nobody would ever recognize us.

"It was the greatest."

Madonna invites Brazil to Secret Project Revolution (New Video)

Madonna invites Brazil to her Secret Project... by madonnasworldcom

Madonna on the Red Carpet in Berlin to Launch her Hard Candy Fitness Gym


Special 8x10 glossys found inside BAZAAR MAGAZINEs , limited!

Great footage of madonna signing to her fans last night

Madonnasworld.com (@madonnasworld)
Madonna signing autographs @ the Hard Candy Fitness launch in Berlin 10/17/2013 youtube.com/watch?v=Jl_G3x… via @YouTube

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Madonna new interview on RTL so funny!

Thanks to Madonna-TV.com .

Madonna signing for fans at Berlin gym launch

Madonna makes dream come true for fans

Takes a photo with her fans!


Madonna skincare specialist Malvina Fraser shares her top winter tips

16 OCTOBER 2013 Malvina Fraser is one of the beauty industry's best kept secrets. Her stellar client list includes Madonna and Yasmin Le Bon, and with more than 30 years experience, she has a reputation as London's leading skincare and beauty expert.

So there is no better person to turn to for skincare advice as the cold months draw in. Malvina shares her skincare tips exclusively with readers of HELLO! Online...



As we head into the winter months, our skin begins to dry out due to the drop in temperature, so it's important to change our skincare routine and products.

Here are my top tips on how to take extra special care of your skin this season:

· It is so important to cleanse your skin properly before you go to bed. Many people find that the eyes are the hardest part of the face to cleanse of makeup. A trick that I find effective is to use Oprex eye drops as an eye makeup remover. It works incredibly well and is great for sensitive skin.


· To relax before you go to bed, soak in a nice warm bath and add some Epsom salts and aromatherapy oil (note: do not use Epsom Salts if you have high blood pressure). Pop on a hydrating mask, lie back and relax. I would also recommend that you take your bath two hours before you go to bed as you may become too hot while trying to sleep.

· After your hydrating mask, use a good quality serum especially during the winter months. Work the serum all the way up to the hair line and over it as this is often an area that is neglected.

· The next step is to apply an exfoliator to the skin using some Lavender and sugar. Lavender is an ideal ingredient as it also acts as an anti-bacterial agent to rid of any excess dirt.

· If you are not a fan of Lavender, try mixing Almond oil with some sugar, which smells incredible.


· If you have any exfoliator left massage it into your hands and cuticles. The harsh weather also affects our hands and nail beds which then dry out and crack.

· Pop essential oils into your night cream for a relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

· Key ingredients you should always look for in skincare are active delivery peptides especially vitamin A and C. Hyaluronic Acid, Omega -3, co-enzyme Q10 and most recently Plant Stem Cells are also key.

· Use a slightly heavier moisturiser as during the colder months our skin does not produce as much oil.

· Don't neglect your ears. Our ears drop with age and dehydration so it is very important to moisturise our ears every night. Massage the top of your ears by putting a little pressure in the form of a squeeze, as this is where your lymph glands are. Continue down towards your earlobe, pulling down gently when you reach the lobe.

Beauty expert Malvina Fraser will be launching her new range of cutting edge anti aging creams and serums this November. Available exclusively at www.malvinaskincare.com

Madonna, Berlin bound today at JFK airport

To workout with fans at her new HARD CANDY Fitness gym! In Berlin, Germany


Madonna seen crying and texting inside movie theatre

"She was wiping away tears after the movie," a fellow festivalgoer says. "She said she loved the movie." from E! news

MADONNA is a feisty lady!

While at the New York Film Festival premiere of Steve McQueen's acclaimed 12 Years a Slave, the Material Girl hitmaker lashed out when a woman asked her to stop texting.

"As the movie began, a blonde in black lace gloves wouldn't stop texting," a source said.

"Finally, an audience member asked the blonde to stop, and the gloved one shot back, 'It's for business . . . enslaver!'

"During a roaring standing ovation, the blonde ducked out, and, Sure enough, in black lace gloves, was Madonna!" from Showbizspy